ահɑԵ íƒ Եհҽ ϲօѵíժ-19 Թɑղժҽʍíϲ հɑժղ'Ե հɑԹԹҽղҽժ

Have you ever felt sad and wondered why 2020 was all a messed-up year? Or wished the covid-19 pandemic was all a dream and never exist? Well, I did, but on second thought "what would have been different if it never happened.
Many things went bad during the pandemic in Nigeria and 2020 has been tagged as the year with a "3 Ps" (pandemic, palliative, and protest). These events narrowed the thinking initiative of our government to focus on matters that frustrated the youths with the introduction of unhealthy initiatives to promote peace and security. It was in a chain to solving one of these problems in our country that led to the banishment of cryptocurrency in our country Nigeria and I blame this on the covid-19 pandemic which led to protest and the breaking of storehouses stealing palliatives and to the awareness of yahoo boys engaged in cryptocurrency duping.


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BմԵ ահɑԵ íƒ Եհҽ ϲօѵíժ-19 Թɑղժҽʍíϲ հɑժղ'Ե հɑԹԹҽղҽժ

Then CBN(central bank of Nigeria) wouldn't have banished the operation of cryptocurrency and more individuals would have gained being introduced into cryptocurrency. If the covid-19 pandemic was a dream then trading from the exchange market wouldn't have been a risk for my country's people and we wouldn't experience delay and roadblocks with withdrawing our tokens into Fiat. If the pandemic hadn't existed, some people never would have heard about cryptocurrency, the broadcast by CBN to ban cryptocurrency also helped sensitized ignorant people about crypto, few persons browse the internet to learn more about cryptocurrency and developed an interest.

The covid-19 pandemic wasn't all a negative impact, it also had a significant impact on the growth and awareness of cryptocurrency in my country. So if the covid-19 pandemic hadn't happened, if it was all a dream, and if the pandemic was some sad tale that never exists, then knowledge about crypto would have been less but more people would have been interested to invest in crypto with confidence and without the fear of future losses or some policies by the country's government.

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