Hivescript update

Great effort is made by our community in last few days fighting phishing attempts and making sure new people joining, will stay safe and learn how awesome Hive is.


There are a lot of people contributing, I won't name all one by one, but thank you guys doing your best! Earlier today, I updated our Hivescript, Hive Standard Nodejs package to include couple additions, so most redundant work done by other people could stay in one place and used as standard across all dapps/frontends.

Hivescript is simple script sole purpose was to help forming proper canonical link for each content so new and all frontends could point to correct post origin, give credit to apps that contribute to the platform and grow entire ecosystem together. Now it includes couple more additions.

What's new

  • Added bad actors list - this list is used by all major frontends, just copy of same list, since all these dapps already use @hiveio/hivescript to formulate canonical links, adding bad actors is natural choice so it can be maintained in single place.
  • Added bad domains list, not all frontends have phishing link detection yet but there are people doing great work, marking, reporting and notifying users. This is also added, fetched from spaminator team's collection.
  • Readme updated with examples or usage info.

If you are developing dapp/frontend, please consider using @hiveio/hivescript for correct canonical link formation as well as protect new users from phishing and bad actors.

Feel free to add what's missing and make Pull Requests.

Source code:

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