HiveLive Update #1 : Welcome advanced features, bugfixes, tweaks and more !

HiveLive has a great start. Many users have provided a lot of feedback (more than 50) and I really want to thank you very much, my friends! I listen to all feedback and am working for a really better HiveLive. What's new in this version?

Streamers, Advanced Options menu are here !

Many of you need some options for your livestreams and I've started creating a new small menu named "Advanced Options."


At this time, only one option is released but i have many more to make. And the first advanced option is ... Message Display!

Toggle display of message

Many users make a 0.001 HIVE transaction to display a bad message. But now, you can choose to hide or display memo messages, as you wish :)

The only thing you need is to go to HiveLive, mark the checkbox in Advanced Options menu and generate your new stream link.

It's the only one selectable option, but it's not the only new feature!

But it's not over yet ! What's new ?

Hidden Account list

Alright, this is the most requested feature. When you delegate HP to a project or community, you receive some tokens. And how many streamers tell me "I only want to display real donations, not my rewards!"

It's over now! I created a list of accounts who send rewards / dividends and don't display their transactions.

You can see the accounts list on the list page and if you want to add/remove account, join my Discord official server.

Twitch Studio Bugfix

Some feedback is from Twitch Studio which doesn't display the browser source correctly. It's fixed now. Don't forget to create a full screen layer for the better display.


I've also made some tweaks to display a lighter version of the stream page. It requires less resources, no more lag in donation animation or sound :)

I've also made some server tweaks for all the services and you'll now be able to stream from your mobile with HiveLive!

What's next in the future ?

I'll work on some new features like :

  • Choose minimal amount for a donation
  • HiveEngine token Whitelist
  • Import your GIF for animation
  • Fonts selector and color picker for animation
  • Create a real back-office for HiveLive users

If you have some feedback or feature requests, don't forget: I read every comment and answer most of them.

Last words

For this update, I really want to thank :

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