IYC Community Contest #3 - Christmas (and other religious holidays)


'Tis the Season

Hello and a very warm welcome fellow Hive citizens,

In many parts of the world, we are nearing a very special time of the year, namely Christmas.
Therefore, we want to dedicate the third edition of our community contest to this holiday.
As we are an inclusive community, we want to invite people of all denominations to sent in entries of their favorite holidays as well.


Topic Of The Week

Christmas (and other religious holidays)


  • Does your city hold an annual festival you can report about?
  • Does your town have a Christmas market or other festive decorations?
  • What do you plan for Christmas with family and friends?
  • Do you have a Christmas tree already and is it decorated?
  • Are people in your city plan to do something special around the holiday or in the run-up?
  • This time, we feel, photos could be a great part of your entries, because we want to see as many trees/decorations/holiday lights smiling people etc. as possible 😊

Please note, that we've changed the contest duration. It will last 2 weeks (every contest from now on) and will end on December 23rd.



  • Post your article IN the Introduce Your City Community. Crossposts are not eligible for prizes.
  • Mention IYC Contest Entry in the title of your article.
  • Post your link in the comment section of this post.
  • Your posts should be in English or bilingual with English as one of the languages
  • Please be fair and only post one article per person.
  • It goes without saying, that all pictures and texts have to be your own.

Not a rule, but request. If you will, mention your country and preferably your city/town as well

In addition to the rules, we would be happy, if you:

Invite a friend to join the contest and mention him.
Reblog this article to get the word out.
Engagement with other participants is highly encouraged.


We choose three winners out of all valid entries. All three will get 1 Hive and 100 ecency points from our favourite Hive frontend @ecency.
Beyond our contests, we welcome every interesting article about your cities.
We really are looking forward to hearing many stories an seeing different places around the world from you.
If you have any suggestions or ideas to improve our common experience, feel free to tell us about it.
Good luck and have fun 😀.
Your IYC-Team @freedomprepper and @beeber.


And for all of you, who wondered, what the idiom 'Tis the Season in the first paragraph means, a short explanation from Merriam-Webster about the origin.

'Tis the season, in which 'tis is an old contraction for "it is," is a phrase heard during the winter drawing attention to what's known as the "Holiday Season." Its association with the winter holidays, rather than any other season, comes from its use in the popular carol "Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly" in the line "'Tis the season to be jolly." Though the song is a centuries-old Welsh tune, the phrase didn't start appearing in newspapers and magazines until the 1970s


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