Week 13 Engagement Challenge and Results For week 12: Spend The Money

I am sincerely apologizing for not being able to make available the winners for last weekly engagement and segment.

Our team members aren't yet to recover fully and we are looking forward to an enlarged team.
Recently there has being an interest on hive by students from Nigeria who wants to earn because of the backed up dollar effect on our currency. Therefore we at campusgistars is also looking at an in-house newbie initiative, I feel that some of our members who have being unable to catch up need proper guidance. I will make a post for an application on this soonest. Because we may have an influx of new people this evening.

Last week engagement would see recognition of our newest member for last week and grab the largest price. @dapomolaaaa has this wonderful post about her evaluation of the year so far: @dapomolaaaa/2022-resolution-and-how-far

Seems most of our members are scared to give an evaluation of self here smiles.

Congratulations @dapomolaaaa for such a wonderful post, thanks for being part of this vibrant community. Your rewards has being sent to you.

Next is This Week

This week we want to create fun, we would love to see what you would do with money, if you had the opportunity.
This should be fun and frivolous.

*You are given one million dollars to spend in three days, we Dont care how you spend it, just make sure you Dont have any of this one money dollar left by 72 hours not a penny, just spend it or you die. You are not allowed to reject it, all you need to do is just spend it and all of it in three days. tell us how you will spend it with possible figures of spending.... This should be fun

Make a to-do list with figures of your spending one million dollars within three days.

Let's go..... Hahhahaha.


Write into the campusgistars community and use ecency tag at any position

Invite two users to join the engagement and reblog.

Mind your spellings make it real and imaginative and fun as possible.

If you are yet to be a member of our discord please join and join the community here on hive. https://discord.gg/TDRCcXc

Make sure to do a to-do list of all your figures on spend.

Comment on two posts before dropping yours.

Drop post link on comment section and on discord campusgistars links.

We will award winners as follows:

Best post and engagement - 150points and 7 days upvote.
1st Runner up - 100points

2nd Runner up - 50 points.

Note: Make it as fun and engaging as possible, number of comments on a post will also be considered as part of engagement and winning createria.

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