2022 resolution and how far have gone

Well, for me I always write my new year resolution before entering into a new year but for 2022 it was different, I got demotivated to write my goals down even when I knew it is Important to write them to keep you focused. The reason I didn't write this down is that I didn't even meet up my resolution for the previous year and the ones before this.



Before I dig into it, a big thank you to George-dee for inviting me to join this community and this is my first post on here.

I was going to flow with this year's current, which means no plan and I just wanted to live life as it comes but a few days later, I started thinking about it again. This is not me so I brought out my pen and paper, then I wrote a bunch of things I want to achieve this year and after writing, I planned for hours on how to achieve them. It took me more days and overthinking to realize that the reason behind not reaching my goals is because I tend to have many things I want to accomplish in just 365 days so I took my dairy then I rewrite my goals just the important ones and guess what it was just two.

The first one is to grow my small fish farm by now taking out the profit for the whole year but instead reinvesting both the profit and capital and the second one is to start a cooking gas plant with any money I make from the fish farm. This looks easy but I won't lie to you I haven't been able to even do any of this which makes me sad these days.

What made it difficult was because the fish I bought last year to rear down to this year didn't turn out the way I wanted, the normal sale should start once they are 4 months old which automatically means they should weigh between 800g upward but guess what, my fishes were weighing 500g so I decided to keep for a month more and doubled their feed but still didn't do well, I later had to sell everything even if I already at lose.

I lost focus after it didn't work out because I had loans I needed to pay back urgently and doing that after running at loss has been hard.

As a small business owner, the inflation in my country now isn't helping. I would rate myself 3 because I already put aside and want to be free of all loans and then go back to it. Sometimes the process might be slow but it will surely happen and even when it doesn't happen on time, I'm not going to have a new set of goals next year, will just work on this one again before setting another one.

If you come to think of it, why leave something I already gathered so much experience in for something I know nothing about? I think you all were able to learn something from this.

Have a lovely Thursday
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