Campusgistars Weekly Engagement 7: Your Greatest Fears in Life

We appreciate all those who participated in the weekly engagement series last week. We shall begin rewarding winners immediatly.
Well this is a fresh week and we are excited to have everyone here today.

Let me discuss a little about a few things. Thanks to @zyzymena for always assisting: you have been a wonderful team member. I have that other team members step up their game.

My greatest Fear in Life
Just this afternoon a friend I did business with had showed up to one of my business place with security agency(Police) to harass me because I introduced someone to him and he gave him money, and the said guy is yet to payback. I have been very angry and scared for my reputation because I didnt steal neither did I know how it was utilized. Anyway, that by the way.

There aren't two greatest thing I fear in this life. They are;

Marrying the wrong person

Poverty in reality is a state of not having enough resources to provide life's essentials and all that makes life comfortable.

I am scared of that kind of life, I am scared that if at 40 years am unable to afford my needs and wants is a major problem. I dred this enough that I wake up in the middle of my dreams to find ways to break poverty. I will be most glad if I have someone here that will proffer a solution to this I am willing to take it.


Living the rest of my life with the wrong partner

This is another scary movie in my life. I can't imagine living the rest of my life with a misfit partner. Omeone who does not fit my person or am wrong for her person. This ultimately will be a disaster. It's so scary.

I Dont know if you share same fears or you think differently.

So this week we will take a twist and get to talk about our two/three greatest fear in life.

The Engagement
Tell us about your most dreaded fear in life.
Write about it, handsomely.


  • You must write into the community
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  • Make it as interesting as possible and nominate any two of your friends to participate.
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  • 150 Ecency points for winner
    -100 points for second best engagement post and 50 points for third.
  • 7 days upvote from us for the best 3 posts.
  • 2 ecency points when your nomination participate
    Please let them tag you as they write and copy their post to the comment section with key word Nominee.
    Donations And Support
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We look forward to your engagement post

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