[Recommend the post] Round 1

Hope you didn't forget our little whale Esie yet? We have something new for you today!..

So many new articles are published every day on the platform. It is difficult to read all of them and support each author. And unfortunately, many good posts can be missed.

Therefore, Esie and I decided to launch a new... 'club'? 'contest'? 'activity'? or maybe 'campaign'? I am not sure, what to call it. But the idea is following:

What is 'Recommend the post'?

This is a 'campaign' to support and reward interesting and good quality articles. Also, with 'Recommend the post' we want to motivate more users to join Ecency.

What to do?

1️⃣Choose one of the articles that you read this week and like most.
2️⃣Share the link to it under that post.
3️⃣Include a short summary of that post or tell us why you like that post.
4️⃣Tag your friend to encourage them to support good-quality posts too.
5️⃣Only 1 post per week

When is deadline

There is no deadline. You can share the link once a week. And every Thursday we will make a summary with the recommended articles.

What do you get?

You and the article author will receive 20 Ecency Points each

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