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What's up, Summoners!

For this week, we are task to share a battle about DRAGONS. They have flying ability and different characteristics. Dragon Splinter is unique, because you can pair it with another splinter to make your deck much stronger and a lot of monsters to choose from to achieve victory. The Dragons that I used were Fire Spitter and Lightning Dragon, because they benefit from the buff of my summoner, Selenia Sky.


Rule: Heavy Hitters
Mana Cap - 50
Available Splinter - Earth, Life, Death, and Dragon


Round 1
Lighntning Dragon has the highest speed, so its the first to attack dealing 4 damage to Goblin Mech. The attack of Feral Spirit and Silvershield Assassin's second strike missed Lightning Dragon. My Silvershield Assassin landed its double strike and applied poison to High Priest Darius. No monster was eliminated, but the armor of the enemy's frontline, backline, and healer was greatly damaged.

Round 2
Goblin Mech, High Priest Darius, and Divine Healer died in Round 2. Silvershield Assassin of the enemy missed for 2 strike against Lightning Dragon.

Round 3
The Poison was applied to Feral Spirit at the start of last and final Round. Silvershield Knight was killed by Lightning Dragon, because of its damage and Pierce ability. Same fate happened to Silvershield Assassin of the enemy, but in the hands of Silvershield Sheriff. My Silvershield Assassin eliminated the last monster of the enemy, Feral Spirit with his one strike.


Selenia Sky

To send my monsters in the battlefield, I choose Selenia Sky as my summoner. With her plus 1 Ranged attack to all my monsters, I can increase the damage of Silvershield Sheriff, Fire Spitter, and Lightning Dragon.


Monster with Armor, Health, Immunity, Flying, and Heal? Kralus possess all of those characteristics for a tank, so the first position rightfully belongs to it. I can use it because the battle has 50 Mana Cap. When I saw the enemy's lineup, I knew that it can stay longer in battle because the enemy's monster does not have a Stun ability, which is a requirement for Heavy Hitters rule to deal double damage.

Silvershield Assassin

In most of my battles, I usually use monsters with Sneak ability, if the rules allows it. Since I use Dragon and Life, Silvershield Assassin is the go-to monster with Sneak ability paired with Double Strike. That's already 4 damage as long as there is no Demoralize ability. At level 6, she has Poison so if that applies, it can deal automatic 2 damage to the target.

Djinn Renova

To balance the team, there should be melee, range, and magic. For the magic damage, I picked Djinn Renova. Her 3 magic damage can hurt the enemy, if there is no Magic reflect. Her Strengthen ability can provide additional health to my monsters. Backline is as important as the frontline. With her Triage ability, it will be difficult to eliminate my monsters because she heals my monster that has taken the most damage.

Silvershield Sheriff

If there is an Assassin, there is a Sheriff. Given the 50 Mana, Silvershield Sheriff still fits for my lineup. He works best with Selenia Sky, because he is a range attacker and that will make his damage to 5 as long as there is no Headwinds in the enemy's lineup. He can Protect my team and Pierce the enemy's armor. Do not forget his Snipe ability, because it can kill the enemy's range, magic, or no attack with health of 5 or below.

Fire Spitter

One of the dragons that I use is Fire Spitter. Its 3 damage plus 1 from the summoner is a great offense against the enemy. Since it is a Dragon, Flying is a common ability.

Lightning Dragon

With the Flying ability and Speed of Lightning Dragon, there is a high chance that enemy's monsters with Sneak ability will miss. Its stun is much needed to combine with the Heavy Hitters rule. Not just the ability, but its range attack and health are on point.


My Strategy was to place Lightning Dragon in the last position to have a high chance that enemy's monster with Sneak attack may miss. Enemy's Silvershield Assassin and Feral Spirit missed their attacks against Lightning Dragon. The damage was just too much to handle that no one in my monster died, but great effort to my enemy for trying his best.


Before I usually don't use Dragons, but now I really like Dragons. I will rent for a summoner and monster to use for battle, because I have witness their potential to team up with my Life Deck specially Fire Spitter and Lightning Dragon.

Who's gonna be the next monster to be featured for Weekly Challenge? Are we gonna share a battle about a monster from Chaos Legion? We will see and find out next week, so goodbye for now. 👋👋👋

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