Share your battle #14: Double strike with Dhampir Infiltrator

Welcome back splinterfans to another share your battle with the infamous Dragon splinter, which is still one of my favorites. And now it's time to introduce our main monster of the week and see how well the battle went...

Dhampir Infiltrator

Unofficially, Dhampir Infiltrators are employed by the Gloridax Empire as spies, thieves, and assassins. Because of their half-vampire lineage, they are especially proficient at their work; they have the unnatural reflexes, strength, and agility of a vampire yet are not harmed by sunlight. They do, however, require blood to survive, and the blood of dragons is powerful indeed. It's rumored that the Gloridax provide the Infiltrators with an ample supply to further enhance their already unnatural abilities.
Officially, however, the Gloridax Empire denies any affiliation with Dhampir Infiltrators....

Costs & Use

Normal Foil (level 1)Gold Foil (level 2)
EditionChaos Legion
Rental a day0.1 DEC2.001 DEC

Above prices are taken from

I try to use this card in lower mana cap games in the back of the line-up. Because of its Double Strike and Sneak combination it's a great card to attack your opponent line-up from the back. It even gets better on the high levels where it gets the Cripple and Affliction ability.

The only downside of this card, is it's low health which doesn't get really good when leveling up. This is it's main weakness, and against an opponent like Thaddius Brood it'll leave you with only 1 health.

Line-up and the Battle

For this battle with a mana cap of 14 i chose the combination of Dragons and Death, and the following monsters

Drake of Arnak

One of the most used summoners in the lower leagues.

Cursed Windeku

One of the best tanks in the Death splinter. High health, good attack and speed. And of course Thorns. What do you need more?

Corpse Fiend

0 mana card, why shouldn't you add it?

Dhampir Infiltrator

Star of the show. Added as a closer to attack the back of the pack.

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Yay or Nay

Against my opponent the Dhampir Infiltrator couldn't make the difference to end the battle in my favor. So would i use it again? Not the level 1 card. On level 2 it's health will increase to 3, which makes it a little more competitive. So for level 1, it stays in the deck, and not in the line-up.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you on the battlefield or in the next share your battle by @splinterlands !

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