Splinterlands: Preparations for the start of the season + Distance Earth Squad- Part I

With a few hours to go before the start of the new season in Splinterlands, I immediately decided to start my pre-team escalation, I had to patiently look for the best prices on the market to save as much DEC as possible since we all know that the end of the season the rent simply skyrockets for some monster cards that have the highest battle usage or collection power to move up to the desired league.

I decided to start by renting my main composition which I like to call Ranged Vultures, due to the fact that I will be using monsters with ranged attack that contain the ability Scavenger

The Scavenger skill will allow me to take advantage of the death of any monster to increase my maximum health in battle, regardless of whether it belongs to my team or my opponent, with that in mind we need to guarantee some important points in battle:

  • We need to ensure that monsters that contain this skill have enough time to "grow in battle".

  • They need a sustainable attack in case we have a 1 vs 1 battle and we think about the possibility that the enemy has other skills like Shield which we need an attack of at least 3 points.

  • As possible in battle, our ranged monsters can face the front line which would leave it unusable except if we take advantage of the Close Range skill.

With all this in mind, I chose to use three ranged monsters that allowed me to do all of this, but I keep in mind that my strategy will have to be adapted during battles since I can't just fill my team with ranged monsters and hope that by a certain 100 %, to start we have the choice of invokers:

FERNHEART was recently added as an epic summoner along with the Riftwatchers collection, its maximum health increase by +1 in addition to benefiting all my snipers so that they can attack from whatever position they are, I usually find this summoner at level 2/3 always at a good rental price through PeakMonsters. Depending on the amount of mana assigned to the battle I think about using 3 or 4 monsters at a distance, acquiring this monster by buying instead of renting? Maybe as soon as I can finish buying the summoners from the Chaos Legion collection leaving everyone at least level 3.

ActionMarket Price
Buy LVL 2$26.687
Rent LVL 2$0.001

Now that I have my ideal summoner for this purpose, I already have some monsters in mind to add to our composition, however I had a hard time choosing the 3 shooter due to the options that the Modern league mode restricts us to more recent collections, thus losing one marksman that I always recommend to some friends who want to build a SPIRIT OF THE FOREST deck, this card contains an ideal starting kit: good speed with the ability Flying making it prone to dodge physical attacks, a good amount of health, does not require an exaggerated amount of mana for its use in addition to the Snipe skill that will help you defeat those monsters that can hinder you hidden in the enemy field.

I particularly like these monsters because they are good and cheap if used strategically they yield good victories for you, with the current limit of card level due to the fact that I am in the beginning of the season and still in Bronze I am only using VENARI SEEDSMITH in its level 2 that adds more amount of health to it, I already acquired the same until level 5 and I can emphasize with certainty that it is very worth obtaining for its ability to inflict the state of poisoning on the other monsters in addition to obtaining the 3 points of attack, while on the other side we have the legendary IZA THE FANGED, which due to its weak attack is usually not the most obvious choice with the focus of just using this feat, it has a very weak battle survival kit but our advantage here is in her Sneak skill allowing to eliminate monsters in last position, I'm still reflecting on her being a good choice just to utilize her Scavenger skill however with the right positioning I've never had such extreme problems like this, getting to the point of stopping using this monster.

MonsterMarket Price Buy and Rent
IZA THE FANGEDBuy: $1.782 / Rent: $0.001
VENARI SEEDSMITHBuy LVL 2: $0.380 / Rent: $0.001

This is my basis for this strategy, now returning to the context that we need a marksman that has a good attack and enough speed / or maximum health to withstand some attacks both magical and physical, among the options available for this league that were: Uloth Dhampir - Runemancer Florre - Mitica Headhunter.

And my choice was this thing that I still don't understand its artwork nor its history available on the Splinterlands website, the fact is that it has a good 4 points attack, a moderate amount of health since it won't die so easily in one turn but it won't survive much either, a high speed and its triumph which is the Snare skill that will allow me to remove the Flying skill from my enemy increasing my chance to hit, some people might wonder why not using RUNEMANCER FLOWER already that it has two types of attack which would equal the damage value, as mentioned earlier I can use the formation of up to four shooters if the conditions established on the battlefield allow me, but as a battle "template" I cannot include a monster with that amount of mana required all the time after all I'm still in league that it is not uncommon to come across battles where the maximum mana limit is less than 16 which would make my actions difficult next choices.

MonsterMarket Price buy and rent

Well, I don't like to leave the text too long because for me it becomes tiring to read and some reader who also feels the same after seeing the amount of characters and the reading time may skip some part of the context and that's not it I want, soon I will continue with the second part of this post.

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