Battle Mage Secrets : Small But Terrible

For this weeks challenge is the rule that usually ignores how much mana is given since it limits picks to be four mana units and below only. This rule is a very fun battle since this units usually have good skill but so little health, a lot of strategy is needed since proper positioning and skills selection is involved.

Sit back and enjoy this weeks featured battle for the rule Little League.

Battle Conditions

For the featured battle this conditions are available aside from the given rule set.

  • Maneuvers - all melee units in the second position will have the reach ability.
  • Rise of Commons - all epic and legendary units are banned from battle.
  • Mana - only 18 mana is given, a fitting number for the Little League rule.
  • Elements - only earth element is banned, this is going to be tough since a lot of units is going to be available.

Line Up Selection

  • Chaos Agent - I put him in tank position since he can dodge all types of attacks.
  • Mandarin - A very good utility unit , with triage heal, and silence a good way to support and debuff magic units.
  • Pelacor Bandit - a very strong sneak unit that will be able to punish backlines, also a perfect counter for sneak units with it's speed and flying ability it can dodge almost every hit.
  • Merdaali Guardian - another perfect utility unit for the given rule, with her heal and repair ,penetrating tanks and even backlines will be harder.
  • Merdamphir - since Little League ruleset is full of sneak units, with all the utility units and it's life leech he can be a perfect counter for sneaks.

Battle Highlights

  • With the support from Merdaali Chaos Agent was able to sustain the attacks directed to him. And with the life leech and triage heal for Merdamphir, all the damage inflicted by the enemy Pelacor is being absorbed and the heals are just enough to make the Pelacor attack useless.

  • While enemy Pelacor is struggling , mine was just doing fine attacking them one by one in the backlines.

  • All mage damage is being healed out by by the enemy tank, but thanks to the cripple of Merdhampir the heal is slowly decreasing, so as the battle continues I will be able to out damage that heal.

  • Still Merdamphir is fine taking all the damage , with the triage heal and life leech he was able to sustain. While Pelacor is slowly eliminating all enemies from the backline.

  • The battle continued with the same cycle.

  • Finally I was able to eliminate the main tank, and now the healing game continues .
  • As for my tank no more threat for him since Merdaali is healing him enough to survive the attacks of Naga Assasin.

  • My chaos agent fell, the fight might shifted to the opponent side since Pelacor is now in the tank position and I have no magic damage. All thanks to the Merdhampir and his snare ability took away the flying ability making it an easier to target.

  • After a few shots , Pelacor was laid to the ground and now only Naga Assasin is left sitting in the front lines taking all my shots.

  • And thankfully It's a win for this weeks featured battle.

That concludes my battle for this week.
Thanks for dropping by, see you in the next one!




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