SplinterTrends is now open + 1st ThanksGiveaway

Dear Splinterlands Community!

I would like to share the latest news of the project with you.

1/3 SplinterTrends is now open

I'm happy to announce that from today (11.20), SplinterTrends (https://splintertrends.com) is open to everyone, whitelisting is no longer required. In order to log in and access private features, you only need a Hive Keychain.

Current private features, which are now accessible to everyone:

  • Price changes of owned cards
  • Card overview report
  • Average sale price report

You can read about these features in this article: @splintertrends/private-features-in-splintertrends

If you are totally new to SplinterTrends, you can read about basic functionality here: @splintertrends/basic-functionality-in-splintertrends

If you have any ideas or problems with the site, you can join the SplinterTrends Discord Server (https://discord.gg/YU82wKDhhC) and contact me (Peter - SplinterTrends).

2/3 Newsletter related changes

From today (11.20), daily newsletters (Splinterlands Discount & Profit Hunter) will include deals about "not modern" cards too. The new sections will be the following:

  • Regular Modern Cards
  • Regular Wild Cards ("Not Modern")
  • Gold Modern Cards
  • Gold Wild Cards ("Not Modern")

I hope that you find these newsletters useful. I performed many successful buy/sell transactions with the help of these articles, so I'm always excited while composing them 🙂

You can read about newsletters here: @splintertrends/introduction-to-spl-black-friday

3/3 ThanksGiveaway

Last week, I surpassed my first 5000 upvotes. A huge thanks to everyone, who supports my small hobby project. To celebrate this, I decided to create a giveaway for my followers.

The details:

  • 10 lucky winners will be drawn, who will be awarded one of their favorite regular Chaos Legion core monster cards (reward, promo Riftwatchers, and summoner cards are excluded)
  • In order to participate, you have to do the following:
    1. Be my follower
    2. Enter the name of the common, rare, epic, and legendary Chaos Legion monster card you want to win (e.g.: Goblin Psychic, Xenith Monk, Nerissa Tridawn, Carnage Titan) in the comment section
    3. If your player name differs from your HIVE name, enter it too
  • The following number of cards will be drawn next Monday (11.27):
    • 4x Common Chaos Legion core regular monster cards
    • 3x Rare Chaos Legion core regular monster cards
    • 2x Epic Chaos Legion core regular monster cards
    • 1x Legendary Chaos Legion core regular monster card
  • One person can win only one card. Previous winners will be excluded from the draw for the next card.

Good luck and happy browsing!



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