Splinterlands' Chaos Legion - Let's Sunset in Style

February 16th 2023

The Chaos Legion edition of Splinterlands is nearing its end. There's a certain level of bittersweet to this, especially since we'll have to wait months until the dawn of the next core edition (Rebellion!).

But that doesn't mean you can't go out in style, and enjoy the sunset facing west.

It got us thinking... maybe we can make some noise with some extra fun. A "celebration of life", if you will.

We're burning 25,000 packs per day, with a hard stop on March 31st (when any remaining CL packs will be burnt). So if one were to consider buying packs, the clock is ticking.

You can do many things with Chaos Legion packs after opening them. You can hodl now and sell later, as card prices have historically risen over time. You can make your cards available for rent on Splex, Peakmonsters, or other tools. You can curate decks of cards and revenue share with human gamers on NFTy Arcade's platform. You can play yourself, on one or more accounts depending on how many cards you have. You can hang on until land is available, and put your cards to work on land in Praetoria. The many options are part of what makes this ecosystem so much fun!

So we decided to give some land and some Runi away as part of sunsetting Chaos Legion. Wait, what?

Details on Qualifying!

Here's how it works. From the moment we cross 14 million packs sold, until we sell/burn out of Chaos Legion, new purchases can accumulate your way to the top 10 list. Group buys are in play as well here (more on that below).

Here are the prizes for the top 10 accounts who purchase the most packs out of the last 1M available.

1. 100 land plots
2. 50 land plots
3. 25 land plots
4. 7 Runi
5. 6 Runi
6. 5 Runi
7. 4 Runi
8. 3 Runi
9. 2 Runi
10. 1 Runi

It goes in that order, with the top purchasing account receiving 100 land plots, and 10th place receiving 1 Runi. Pretty simple.

We're adding the list of qualifying accounts to the shop page as well, so the updated list will be visible to everyone at all times until Chaos Legion sells out.

Note that this will be a list of accounts, so to qualify, purchases must come through one single account, and the prizes will be distributed to that one single account. So when it comes to managing group purchases, this is highly relevant as no exceptions will be made to this rule.

Also, once we move past the 14M pack mark, keep in mind that we plan to remove an additional 200K packs to create additional decks on the NFTy Aracade platform, and another 300K packs to satisfy the proposal to continue pack rewards. So there will only be a maximum of 500K packs available for sale out of the last 1M supply.

Notes on Group Purchases

Group purchases are eligible for this promotion, which help to make these offers more accessible to more people. We cannot coordinate group purchases ourselves, but like with previous group purchases, community members can organize amongst themselves to orchestrate a group purchase through one account. The group will be responsible for distribution after we send the loot to the account from which the purchase was made.

Only purchases past 14M packs sold will count for this promo, but you can add as many transactions as you would like within the promo window.

Why Not Stream the End on Splinterlands Official Channels?

Good idea. Let's plan 2 shows in fact. Let's have one to celebrate our entry into the last 1M packs available. Then let's have another at the end, similar to New Year's Eve, closing out the end of the Chaos Legion with a bang.

We know players will want to boost their collections in the face of the dry spell before Rebellion launches later this year. We know because we feel it too. After all, we're community members as well.

Look for details on this pair of shows coming up on Splinterlands Official Channels. In the first, we'll celebrate the newly complete set of legendary summoners now wreaking havoc in Praetoria. (Which, by the way, means all of the new legendary summoners will be available in the last 1M card packs).

In the second, we'll celebrate the end with an award ceremony to celebrate the true sunsetters of the Chaos Legion.

In Summary

The sun is setting on the Chaos Legion edition after a rough year in crypto markets. Of course Riftwatchers packs are still available, but soon we will be entering a gap period between the end of Chaos Legion and the beginning of Rebellion during which purchase options will be limited (Riftwatchers, P2P markets). And don't forget, all of the airdropped legendary summoners will now be available in the packs once we only have 1M packs left!

We're excited to move forward into a new era of Splinterlands with a lot of exciting roadmap items on the horizon, not the least of which is land expansion. Make sure to have your Chaos Legion collection and your Runi collection at full strength as they become more scarce over time. We'll see you in Praetoria!

PS: Don't forget, we also have Riftwatchers, Soulkeep (Tower Defense), and Genesis League Goals packs available for sale still!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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