Splinterlands Announces Partnership with Zipmex!


Greetings, Everyone!

Splinterlands is excited to announce that we are partnering up with Zipmex! The partnership will consist of multiple components, namely a staking pool (ZMT to SPS), physical arcade sponsorship in one of Thailand’s biggest malls, 50+ digital billboards around the city, and further items to come!

Jan 14 @ 4pm GMT+7: Zlaunch & Staking Mechanisms

Users of the Zipmex ZLaunch platform will have early access to earn some SPS governance tokens through locking ZMT in the ZLaunch pool. The earning potential will fluctuate with the price of the ZMT and SPS tokens along with the total amount of ZMT that is locked in the pool and will be viewable on the pool's info page. This is a great opportunity to introduce SPS to an entirely new market shortly before the official exchange listings and advertising campaigns go live!

Please note that the earning phase of the Zlaunch pool will not start until January 17th at 1pm GMT+7. Users are encouraged to check out the pool prior!

More information on the pool and the link to the pool’s info page will be updated in this article once live.

Jan 15-16: Siam Paragon Arcade Booths

Splinterlands is teaming up with Zipmex to have a physical presence in the 10th largest mall in the world, the Siam Paragon. Zipmex will be hosting an arcade section in the mall that will be filled with Splinterlands branded machines and gaming consoles. Along with the branding in the arcade, Splinterlands will also have multiple computers set up as well as instructors to help teach new players how to play the game. We are looking forward to having new members entering the fray!

Jan 20: Thailand Billboard Presence

On January 20th, Splinterlands will be launching a massive billboard campaign across Thailand in partnership with Zipmex and Plan B Media Company! Advertisements will be seen on over 50 billboards around some of the busiest roadways and foot trafficked areas. For those of you in the country, be sure to keep an eye out for them. As the billboard campaigns launch, we will be sure to share some further images of them! We would also love to see photos from our community with the billboards in the background (please do not take photos whilst driving or in any other potentially dangerous circumstances).

Splinterlands Listing On Zipmex

Last but certainly not least on the list of updates is the exciting announcement that Splinterlands is planning to list their SPS token on Zipmex’s exchange! We couldn’t be more excited to announce this to our community and we hope that you share this elation with us as well! We are currently discussing a timeframe for the listing, however, we thought that we would share the exciting news with you given the other partnership items happening soon. We will keep the community up to date as the listing opportunity date draws closer.

We have the best community out there and can’t wait to continue to keep growing thanks to the support and input that you provide!

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