Splinterlands AMA Summary - October 22nd, 2021 - 9AM Eastern


AMA Summary

  • Speakers: Aggroed, Yabapmatt, Cryptomancer, Hardpoint, CallMeTim, & KnightAv (YGG)
  • Main Topics:
    • Scaling & Dev Work
    • Recent Game Changes
    • Yield Guild Games (YGG)
  • Recording Link:


👀 = See Eye Candy!

Chaos Legion 👀:

  • New leaderboard page has been released just yesterday
  • Most likely will be a gap between the end of pre-sale and official launch of CL
    • This means CL packs won't be opened right away after pre-sale
    • Goal is to get launch out before end of year
    • Still a lot of work with the CL cards and the new ranked formats

  • Top 6 Summoner design only allows the buyer to design the art, not the abilities
  • When CL is released, there will be a 1% chance to get a pack in a rewards chest
  • For each airdrop, there will be a minimum amount required to get a guaranteed airdrop
    • The amount required is announced before airdrop is dropped
      • Amount changes per airdrop and what rarity the card is
        • Legendaries require a higher amount, epics require less
    • Any pack bought from the in-game store will count towards the airdrop
  • Chaos Legion packs will include both summoners and monsters


  • The algorithm in the game is designed to increase DEC rewards as price goes above the pegged price of $0.001
    • Team doesn't control the price; it is a free market


  • At some point, the team may sell the SPS income they receive
    • May also give SPS bonuses to team members
  • Aggroed has sold SPS in order to make Liquidity Pools
    • When selling, he sells at a higher market price and waits for market to buy it
  • Most team members though have been staking all their SPS
    • Check out their accounts on the Richlist for SPS
      • Smalp (Aggroed), Yabapmatt, Cryptomancer
  • SPS used for payments or credits is ultimately corporate income and will be used as such
  • Anything that is cool in this game is going to require SPS staked
  • SPS.DAO account may put the vouchers they've received in a SPS/Voucher pool

Scaling & Dev Work:

  • Server and backend work is going to be an ongoing process
  • Made some backend changes to make servers run smoother
  • Beyond scaling issues, team is mainly focused on Chaos Legion
    • New ranked formats, SPS rewards, & land is next priorities
  • All ongoing issues are growing pains and need patience from the community while the team gets through it
  • Expect to see more stability throughout the next few weeks
  • Team is adding more servers to cache data quicker and make the site run quicker
    • Will allow the ranked leaderboards to be back online
  • Team isn't trying to limit the playing of players
    • The rate limit will allow automated systems to not break the game
  • Shoutout to the support team!
    • Support team gets thousands of tickets a day
    • Responses are slow because there are far fewer devs than community members
    • Team needs to budget and prioritize resources to handle everything
    • No issue will be left unresolved, team can promise that
  • Team is working on a Splinterlands software development kit (SDK)
    • Look at Splinterlands website and see what API calls are made
    • Will release documentation in the near-distant future


  • You will want higher level cards to work on your land plots
    • Higher level cards will boost the production more than lower levels
    • Land owners better start preparing!
  • SPS will be needed to upgrade buildings
  • Items and spells will only be able to be crafted on land
    • This produces many more earnings to land owners rather than Splinterlands team

Recent Splinterlands Updates:

  • Splinterlands is not a free-to-play game
  • Splinterlands main goal is to incentivize players to buy Splinterlands assets
    • DEC farmers that don't invest ultimately ruin the game economy
    • Recent changes will limit these players and hopefully motivate them to play the right way
    • This is not to scare away new players, it is to incentivize them
    • Come to the Telegram & Discord channels if need any kind of help or have questions
  • If you want to earn more but can't invest, checkout YGG below
    • YGG balances the need for people to own assets in-game vs players who might not want to put in those upfront costs

Yield Guild Games (YGG):

  • One of the biggest play-to-earn gaming guilds
  • Special Announcements:
    • Had purchased two regions and bunch of packs earlier this year
    • Going to be introducing fractional ownership through their new subDAO
    • Read More Here: YGG|SPL SubDAO Litepaper
  • Always looking to recruit new players
    • Taking in anyone, whether you have assets or don't
    • Click the header link to go to YGG's Discord to learn more how to join


  • Exchange listings are nice, but are very difficult
    • It isn't just the team, but the community can help spearhead these exchange listings
    • Team could take a bunch of time to try to get listed, or they can continue focusing on the game
      • Splinterlands have 1.2 million registered users
      • Goal is to have exchanges FOMO into Splinterlands, not vice versa



New Chaos Legion Leaderboard Page


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