Splinterlands end of season madness | how to avoid the power problem -new giveaway win 1000 DEC


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Hello fellow Summoners!

Winner of my last giveaway

So lets see who are the commenters of my last post and who wins the alt account @splintersharder to make some extra DEC. The following Summoners have commented and understood all the rules of my last post:

@adulruna @yeckingo1 @magooz @squishna @squidzooka @subaxis @japi021 @dusi @kotenoke @arcgspy @nane-qts

All of these summoners posted the right answers to my questions and also posted some really interesting posts in the comments. You can check out the original post HERE and see what interesting splintertalk content they posted!

I am also giving away 15 SPS and 10 SPS to the 2nd and 3rd place so with only 11 commenters they all have a very high chance of winning something.

And here we go:


All names added to the wheel and spinning for 3rd price 10 SPS:


congrats to @nane-qts you will receive your 10 SPS as soon as todays snapshot goes through (I have all my SPS staked so I need to wait haha)

Removing 3rd place from the wheel and spinning for second place:


Congrats to @squishna you will receive your price after todays snapshot when I have liquid SPS.

And now lets spin for the winner of the posting keys to @splintersharder removing the 2nd place from wheel and spinning for first price! Drumroll! Brrrrrrr


Congrats @magooz aka Mrmagooz who always seems to win in every raffle and giveaway (I am refering to the Raffle server of Brybro)

Please tag me @solymi in discord and I will dm you the posting keys!

Proof of honesty

To show everyone that I am a good guy I give you proof of transaction: the previous winner was @draicor and he made it to silver 2. I claimed the season ending rewards for the account and this is what I got:

Screenshot 2021-10-01 121207.png

In total he made 109 DEC, the cards burn value is 135 DEC in total.

This is such an insignificant amount that I decided to send him the full DEC amount of 244 DEC (burn value + DEC rewards)

Rounding that up to 250 DEC because that looks much better on chain.


Congrats again to the winners!

End of season madness

Each time when EOS (end of season) comes closer I see tons of messages on Splinterlands official discord channel:

  • XYZ cancelled my cards he is an asshole
  • I need 15k power to reach this and this league
  • Can someone delegate me x power
  • How am I supposed to pay x amount for making y more chests

It is always the same, players are furious and try to rent cards for cheap last minute.
Here is the thing: You are spending a lot of precious DEC to rent cards and the outcome is probably not what you want. The average DEC value of a loot chest is approximately 150 DEC so if you spend 2k to rent for 3 more chests it is a negative EV (effective value)

So what is the solution? Well either you save up your DEC that you would spend at season end and are ok with a little less rewards. Or you buy some cards! Yes buying and owning your cards will give you more collection power.

I understand that it is expensive to buy cards. But it is also expensive to rent cards at end of season. The DEC you spend for renting power will not come back to you.

If you keep the DEC and let it sit in your account it will count for airdrop points and give you some SPS each day. If you sell a part of that SPS you can get more DEC and will get more SPS.

If you keep repeating this and build your DEC bags you will have enough DEC after a while to buy more cards and power up your collection.

I am talking against myself here since I love those sweet DEC coming in every day from the rental market. But hey, here is the thing: I am also not spending 4-5 digit amounts on rentals to be able to compete in a higher league. I am slowly building my account and when time comes I will step up in higher leagues.

I used to make Diamond 3 at end of season. Since the new rental system is active I have a hard time to get to Gold 1. But getting 10 loot chests less doe not concern me. What concerns me is to get more DEC and more SPS.

So here is my advice:
BUY cards slowly at your pace. Build your account slowly if you are not a DEC whale.

I know everyone wants to make more money with less work. Also this and this is an asshole.

But guess what: even if you are new to this game you are still in early. You are not too late to the party!

Think long term! Land has not even rolled out yet, SPS rewards for ranked battles has not been implemented yet! There is still a lot Splinterlands has to give to its players.

Again, think long term. You can't be counting on making millions in a matter of days. Investing takes time!

If you think that I am an arse for telling you this, well you are totally entitled to your opinion. You can even put your opinion in the comments. Please be gentle I am a very sensitive person.

Build your account with long term in mind and you will be much happier!

1000 DEC giveaway

I am giving back to the community:


  • Comment your splinterlands username and tell me what you think where splinterlands is going to be in 1 year! Make it a good comment! I like to read thoughts of others.
  • Tag 1 friend who you would like to share 10% of your win with!
  • No upvote or reblog necessary but of course always appreciated.
  • 1000 DEC will be paid out to the winner after payout of this post

Please do not use multiple accounts to take part in the giveaway! Be fair and think of others! Good luck to everyone!

Thanks for reading!
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