Sneak Peak into BRAWLS 2.0- Gladius cases and New Cards - Solymi does a giveaway!


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In this post we will have a first view on the BRAWLS 2.0 feature in the games test environment.

Also I will pick the winner of my last giveaway! Sorry to keep you waiting soooo long.

I do a new giveaway! Win a card delegation from the rental market. Choose one card I rent out and get it for free for 16 days! Win a common card (TBA)! Just like that in addition!


Are you ready for Brawls 2.0? Well, to be honest nobody is. But there is certain things you and your guild can do to get a head start in BRAWLS 2.0 as soon as it is released. We will have an insight on the UI of the guild shop and new items. This exciting feature will give brawls a new twist and it will be fun to test it.
How do I get to this honor? Well I am part of the mavericks and we gained access to the Q and A server of @Splinterlands thanks to @cryptomancer you can read the official announcement.

So what is new?
A lot I dont know even where to start :)

In the test environment everyone gets the perk of being a multimillionaire. I upgraded the Arena and the guild shop. Other mavericks are testing too. We are looking for bugs and therefore I behave like a 5 year old who found the mouse and starts clicking around...


Yes you can even go mad and click on ok in the test environment it wont effect your cards in the real game. Still had sweaty hands though.

First I looked into the shop. There is a new tab for guilds:


We can see 4 new products here and I will go into this deeper in a sec.
Most important there is a new in game currency called MERITS. You only can earn these when competing in Brawls and the new products will also only have effect there.


Spy glass

You can see that the guild crowns have a function too: guild coleaders and guild leaders will be able to purchase a SPY GLASS or more. This feature alone will turn the BRAWLS upside down! Just #proofofbrain the picture and read what you can see!


Sound exciting? Yes it is. It brings a whole new way to collaborate with your guild mates. Since you can see the other guilds setup for the frays you can react in advance and prepare yourselves.
I think this feature will make a lot of sense if you are up against a guild that has nearly the same ranking and levels. It might not be of much help if you are up against a very strong guild or a very weak one...

Gladius cases

What else can we buy with MERITS? PACKS! They are just not called packs anymore. We are talking about GLADIUS CASE in this case. (sorry I had to type this) So in case of the GLADIUS CASE (OOPS I did it again) we will have the same mechanics as before when opening packs. 5 cards per pack and one is guaranteed to be RARE or better.
However there is one thing or two you should know about these cards:
Again read the text in the picture!


Most important THESE CARDS ARE SOULBOUND meaning: no trade no delegation no selling Gladius Cards. They are bound to your account. However I heard some rumors (rumors meaning I don't freaking know) that they can be put to work on land(RUMOR!)

They can be burnt for DEC though. I am not thinking that this will happen in many cases...

The other 2 items can be compared to legendary and alchemy potions and have the same effects as those.

Blood stones

These will increase the chance to get a legendary Gladiator


Power stones

These will increase your chance of getting a gold foil Gladiator.


I will get to all the 32 cards and will explain what they do in a separate post because this would make it so long and all the peeps are just scrolling through to find the giveaway.


But before we get there lets have a look at the new building in the guild tab:


In the Barracks you can train special skills that you can use in the Brawls. These skills we only be used in Brawl battles so don't worry.


Advantage is giving the home team the win in a draw situation. Pretty self explanatory what that means. Mirror matches with for example same level Lamas with Krons will bring the home team the win.

Unleash will allow different level caps for Gladiators. The higher level the Unleash the higher the level cap.


Banish I will block one card so the enemy cant use it. Banish II will give the same power to block a second card. This will be editable by the guilds officers.


Surge I will add 1 point to the mana cap in all your guilds Brawl battles Surge II will buff that up to +2 mana points


Ambush will give give a disadvantage to all enemy units for their home arena battles. Nice way to counter the Advantage skill.


Of course you need to level up your Barracks to level 10 to be able to use all these skills Each level unlocks one new skill. It looks like this when you have not upgraded your Barracks yet.


I am very excited about these new features and our guild the @acolytesofhelio are looking forward to these exciting battles and the challenges coming with them.

You made it to the end! Congrats this is the giveaway part!

first of all lets check who is in the draw for the Naga Brute and a card delegation of their choice for 30 days off charge:

@amaari ZAKU
@vocalfilter ZAKU
@irisworld War Chaang
@jdike Camila Sungazer
@john9inch Gold Mother Khala LVL3
@oceanbee Oaken Behemoth or Axemaster
@chinotek GF War Chaang
@kursen GF War Chaang
@cadama GF War Chaang
@magooz Oaken Behemoth
@koition Axemaster
@moonthumb GF War Chaang
@jfang003 Oaken Behemoth
@horstman05 Gold Mother Khala LVL3
@mechpolaris GF Wizard of Eastwood

15 entries to the draw added to Wheelnofnames


And the winner is:


Congrats! Now lets check if the card is available on @peakmonsters


Seems that you are lucky and I am delegating the card to you as you are reading this.


But we do not stop here since you also won a Naga Brute


Congrats again! I hope you enjoy the delegation it will be active for 30 days or maybe more since I am forgetting stuff frequently. Also if you want to rent the card afterwards just tell me and we can figure out a good price :)

What next giveaway?

It is going to be a card delegation for 16 days so for one season.
And one common card I will chose this one randomly.
I will try to time the draw so it can be used from the beginning of the season.

What you have to do:

  • Leave a comment stating your splinterlands username (if it is different from the commenting account)
  • Answer this question what are the new Items you will be able to buy in the guild shop? What is the currency you can purchase these items with?
  • look for my cards on the rental market and tell me what card you want to have delegated. (If that card is not available at the draw you will have to chose another one)
  • upvote or reblog is not necessary but very much appreciated

Have fun battling! Keep battling! See you in the Arena!
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