Splinterlands - Some useful tools help to improve game experience


Hi Splinterlands tribe,

I would like to share here a bunch of useful tools that support to improve the game experience. I think these tools are quite helpful for new players.

1. Hive keychain

Hive keychain is a tool that help you to control the asset on Hive blockchain and 1-click sign in to all the hive platform, including Splinterlands
After purchasing the Spellbook, this is the 1st tool that you should install into your browser.
Click here to how to install and set up Hive keychain

2. PeakMonsters

This is the most popular 3rd-party Market which is built by PEAKD Dev team.
PeakMonsters is very strong in deck overview, purchase and renting control. I use PeakMonsters to monitor the renting performance.

3. MonsterMarket


I always use MonsterMarket to purchase the card. You will receive cashback of 3% of total purchased amount in DEC
(60% x 5% of MonsterMarket revenue = 3% of purchased amount). MonsterMarket will send this cashback to your Hive wallet.

There is 1 point that I don't like in MonsterMarket. It shows Level 1 for all card, even the actual Level is higher. So you need to look for the card that you want to purchase by card ID.

4. SplintX

This is another platform to purchase card.
And I love the Price history chart of SplintX.
Compared to another platform, it's the best chart in my opinion.
However, the price chart is not updated for CL pack yet.

5. SplinterStats - Rewards Cards

This tool is to monitor the status of Reward cards in Splinterlands.
It has some good information like how many regular/gold cards are already printed, occupied how % of total card and recently price in the market.
This tool isdeveloped by @kiokizz.

6. SplinterStats - Season Report Card


Another tool developed by @kiokizz.
With this tool, you have the overview of your performance in last season, likes win rate, DEC earning, card earning, SPS earning, renting performance ...
Currently, it has the issue with the Top 100 monsters/ Top 10 summoners usage. I love this function the most and hope it can be fixed soon.

7. Tribaldex - Diesel Pools


This is the tool that helps you to swap SPS to DEC instantly and versa. It works like Defi but on Hive blockchain.
You can swap another popular hive token as well.
In the past, I often use Leodex and Hive-engine. But the gap between Sell & Buy order is quite big and I need to wait for someone to purchase my open order.

8. Reward Pool


This is to monitor the remaining DEC in the reward pool. The more DEC in reward pool, the more DEC you can earn in each match (with the same rating/league)

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