#Splinterlands - How much you can earn with @monster-curator?


Hi all,
I delegated 10.000SPT to @monster-curator 3 weeks ago.
And this is the time to share you about my earning with this project.
I hope it will help you easier to make your decision to join this project or not.

If you don't know about what/who is @monster-curator, I suggest you to take a look on the 2 below articles


I share the daily SPT earning in below table and the daily return in %

DayEarning SPTDaily return (%)
Day 113.4350.134%
Day 215.6750.157%
Day 313.6220.136%
Day 415.1950.152%
Day 511.7430.117%
Day 613.1840.132%
Day 77.0110.070%
Day 810.4520.105%
Day 97.5930.076%
Day 1010.9520.110%
Day 1110.880.109%
Day 127.0260.070%
Day 139.1670.092%
Day 1410.7070.107%
Day 1510.2350.102%
Day 1612.5310.125%
Day 1712.5930.126%
Day 187.7350.077%
Day 195.0370.050%
Day 2013.9940.140%
Day 217.2890.073%
Day 227.3960.074%
Day 239.310.093%

With this earning, the APR = 0.106% * 365 = 38.52%
With 0 transaction fee in Hive network, you can do the daily/weekly/monthly compound to get high return.

  • APY (daily compound) = 46.97%
  • APY (weekly compound) = 46.64%
  • APY (month compound) = 43.37%

There is not much different between daily/weekly/month APY. Then I will do the compound whenever I remember it :)

In my opinion, it's a very good APR/APY in Hive network.
My manual APR is only 4~9%


If you don't have any Splinterlands account, appreciate if you can use my affiliate link to register:

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