Reverse First ~ Season 106

Now if you drive manual then you know what I mean.

I think it was pretty general season, my CP is gaining quite well with all these Soulbound cards which I don't mind.

But specifically for my main account which I have always just liked to chill in Gold 1 I am on the precipice of maybe just saying go for it and letting it muck around in diamond.

I will have a little look at the numbers but I think just based on battle wins it will be beneficial for SPS even if I make half the chests because of maybe being in Diamond 3.

Guess it worth a try so I think I just talked myself into.

As you can see above my potions are $12 so the actionable value is only $8 from battles and overvalued packs.

More reason to consider going diamond and maybe even using rentals for some solid cards, so long as they have a season option because daily rentals are stupid.

Speaking of rentals, I have now also moved my Bronze account over to AutoImp by @Anyn99 , I think this was around mid season so it then took the squad and went to Gold 1 , I just had to rent some CP and whatever random rentals I saw in the decks window on peaked.

Overrall I think I also at least got it two gold summoners although Level 2 is just fine.

In rental DEC I think it eventually made up the value via battles SPS which clocks in around 60 cents. Although it was only from mid season. I started this season off getting it 2 LGF cards to ensure being able to go to Gold 1 no problem.

I will give it a look in a day or two then decide if I care to get specific useful cards but for the most part I am not too concerned with this farming account.

My main account if I were to waste any money on rentals then I will need it to do well in Diamond via earning more SPS because by the looks of it I would be stupid to not really try get as much SPS as I can.

This is mainly because if I don't then all I am doing is allowing the big farms and accounts splurging the milk all over their balls and titties instead of joining in the fun.

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