Weekly Battle Challenge: Noxious fume & Gelatinous Cube

Peace Dear Splinters,

Scavengers in Splinterlands are on the spot this week for the battle challenge. I have many monsters in my collection with this ability yet I chose one that suit the best for this match rulesets. Gelatinous Cube is displayed in the match where it literally saved my team from complete annihilation. My Cube has level seven of experience out of ten and both abilities available. The battle started in the Gold league where players of great experience compete to move up their position on the leader board. The gold league is highly competitive, especially the first three days after the season reset. My strategy worked as my lineup including Gelatinous Cube gave an interesting battle. Cube contributed to the whole team victory in the arena even though my opponent lineup had more powerful monsters than my lineup.




The two summoners on the board were LYANNA NATURA Earth elemental summoner from the alpha or Beta series and MOTHER KHALA Life elemental summoner from the untamed collection. Our team selection before the end of the countdown was oriented on the monsters that have the abilities to sustain their heart point as long as possible. Noxious fumes and equalizer brought opposite ingredients that gave some excitement before the arena opened to both teams.



SCAVENGER: Ability: Gains 1 max health each time any monster dies.

Monsters that have the scavenge's ability are present in all elemental series in Splinterlands. The Gelatinous Cube is the scavenger chose in this match for his two abilities scavenger and healing.

One night when the moons were full, the renegades of the Lunta Kalna performed a secret and powerful ritual. Their ceremony called forth forces of wind, rain, and hail; for the first time ever in recorded history, there was a hailstorm in Draykh-Nahka. Except it wasn’t only hail that fell from the sky that night. There were also a small number of strange Cubes that seemed to be alive. They have the look of ice, but upon contact with most objects, the surface of the Cube turns to jelly and absorbs the object, rather noisily. It is assumed that this is how the Cubes eat. When attacked, Gelatinous Cubes can make their outer shell as hard as solid ice for a short time. They can also alter their size to some degree, swelling up and increasing their power, depending on how much they have absorbed that day.


Battle Ruleset: Equalizer, Noxious fumes, and Mana cap 40

I have displayed below the details about my BATTLE CHALLENGE which is my entry for this weekly publication.

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Here comes the lineup from both teams present on the battlefield

Summoner: Lyanna natura level 6 | Earth elemental, All my opponent monsters had various types of attacks except range.


First, my opponent lineup had cards from the Earth elemental series aligned in the following order:

* Peaceful Giant level 8

* Spirit shaman level 5 - Abilities Divine shield, stun, redemption

* Goblin mech level 8 - Abilities Piercing, stun

* Prismatic energy level 6, Abilities Magic reflect, void

* Wood nymph level 8 - Abilities Abilities tank heal, strengthen

* Mushroom Seer level 6 - Abilities Silence poison 2x

Since I couldn't anticipate the selection of my opponent, I had to secure the monster that would survive the longest the noxious fumes on the arena. I made sure that the healing ability was available in my team but also cleanse, scavenge and life leeching for a defensive combination for survival.



Summoner: Mother Khala level 7, was selected to unlock the abilities of the life elemental monsters then boost friendly monsters' hearts with an additional one point.


Here is a description of my team lineup


* Goblin mech level 7 - Ability Piercing, Stun


* Silvershield assassin level 6 - Ability Sneak double strike, poisoned x2


* Bila the radiant level 2 - Ability Life leech, divine shield



* Gelatinous Cube level 7 - Ability Scavenger, Heal It was our bunker in this defensive strategy. I expected Cube to remain the only monster alive in the midst of the rough conditions of combat.



* Herbalist level 3 - Abilities Cleanse Major card in the success of my strategy to keep monster of the noxious fume.



* Defender of truth level 5 - Ability protect

The lineup of both teams was acceptable considering the ruleset of the battle. The match was going to be many rounds and the outcome surprisingly displayed to both teams' monsters covered with injuries.


My strategies

Mother Khala gave one heart point to all my lineup monsters. The abilities to defend my team were present on the key monsters Cube, Herbalist and Bila. It was a full defensive strategy where Herbalist cleanses front-line monsters and Gelatinous scavenges heart point then heal itself to the max. Equalizer boosted the heart point of the Cube transforming this card into a bunker. Bila the radiant life leech offered some resistance to the opponent's attack. Noxious fume brought constant damages pressure to all monsters. My strategy was good but not unbreakable. My opponent's bad arrangement in the lineup has helped to defeat his team.


Did my strategy work?

Yes, my strategy perfectly worked during this match. Herbalist and Gelatinous Cube were placed in my lineup to heal scavenge but most importantly cleanse friendly monsters poisoned by the noxious fume from the battlefield. The Cube took all the opponent monsters' attacks on top of the poisonous fume. It stood on his post until the end of the match at the sixteenth round. My strategy was a complete success. However, I have noted a bad arrangement in my adversary lineup which ease the victory of my team. If my opponent Goblin mech was placed at the right spot, I could have a different story to tell in this article.



If you are interested in the current contest, please get more information concerning the battle challenge shared on a specific theme Scavenger, Splinterlands Weekly battle challenge


What will I try differently next time?

I will definitely include a magic amplifier as a summoner then select the same team since equalizer is active the additional heart point from Mother Khala is not really helpful.



Did I like Gelatinous Cube? why or why not

I like the Gelatinous Cube even though the mana cap limits its usage in many battles. I like to put the Cube in front of my lineup followed by range heavy hitters. It concludes matches as fast as it begins. I successfully leveled up my cards under limited resources and benefited from abilities such as scavenge and healing that play major roles in a battle completion. The Cube is so often used in my team that I leveled a second card to the sixth level to alternate in case of the main card is under fatigue.


Do you use this ability often?

Yes, I play with monsters scavengers in life or earth elemental as frequently as the ruleset allow these cards. Gelatinous cube but also Screeching Vulture.

What other abilities do you use with it?

I like to boost the healing effect of the Gelatinous Cube so that it can protect all the other monsters coming just after him in the lineup.



What's your favorite scavenger of the Splinterlands?

Gelatinous Cube is my favorite scavenger monster in Splinterlands. I can add second after Cube Screeching Vulture. The scavengers from fire elemental aren't skilled enough to unlock their full abilities. In addition, I rarely play with Ant Miner.


I am thankful for the battle challenge curation team that gives us an opportunity to present our strategies around a specific monster in action on board. This battle team selection was performed as defensive tactics due to the ruleset that poisoned all monsters in the arena and forced both parties to heal their monsters. Thanks for reading my Battle challenge on scavenger ability monsters and spend some time on my blog.

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