GOBLIN SHAMAN / Weekly Battle Challenge

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I wish you all a great start into season 61, I hope your adventure in this exceptional game meets your expectations. Greetings to you, wherever you are located.

The challenge battle of this week places GOBLIN SHAMAN as primary elemental cards to describe in terms of its role in the strategies of the game.

This battle challenge entry is going to be memorable due to the rare chance the game offered us to showcase the importance of the rulesets.

Battle Ruleset:

**1 . Broken Arrows **

2 . Mana limit 34

The battle lasted four rounds.


The lineup of the cards in the arena

My opponent summoned Llama with the earth elemental crew compose of Kron, Unicorn, and Mushroom Seer.

  • Unicorn mustang Lv1

  • Swamp thing lv1

  • Khmer Princess lv1

  • Mushroom Seer Lv1

  • Kron the undying Lv1

One of my favorite fire Summoners was in the arena helped with fire elemental members:

Summoner: Qid Yuff

  • Lord Arianthus Lv2

  • Fineas Rage Lv4

  • Goblin Shaman Lv1

  • Sand worm lv5

  • Beetle Queen lv4

  • Serpentine Spy lv1

It is capital to mention the huge difference of level between the two teams.
My opponent had essentially most of its cards with the level below one.


My Battle Challenge LINK

My strategies

I couldn't predict the presence of Llama in the arena but I knew that magic monsters from the opposite side will heavily strike my team. Therefore, I played Lord Arianthus as a shield and reflector of magic attacks then Goblin shaman to reduce all enemy life points. The offensive strategy was executed by Fineas, Sand Worm, and Beetle.


Did my strategy work?

Yes, my strategy perfectly worked with no severe damages on my side. My opponent had a lower level of experimented cards on the board. Llama could have activated the Kron with the last stand but hopefully, my Sand Worm destroyed Kron in the early round of this match. I was glad that Goblin Shaman could bring its contribution to this battle.

If you are interested in the current contest, please get more information concerning the battle challenge shared on a specific theme GOBLIN SHAMAN, Splinterlands Weekly battle challenge.


Do I often select GOBLIN SHAMAN to fight in the arena? why or why not?

I used to select Goblin Shaman to play in most of my fire elemental battles. My strategies have changed over time from the defensive to the offensive when it comes to summoning my fire team. Therefore I have less played the Goblin Shaman since the past four seasons in Splinterlands. Goblin abilities slow and Weaken are purely defensive traits that have positive values in one's strategy but when powerful cards are on the opposite side things get quickly out of control.


Thanks for the battle challenge curation team. My lineup team selection was based on offensive strategy due to the battle ruleset.

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