My Season Rewards

I think I got pretty lucky and picked up an epic card in this season rewards. I have been busy at work and have been getting less daily chests but keep battling along when I can.

Since the start of this month I have increased card power from 15.9k to 16.5k. I stopped buying packs as I think I needed specific cards to win a few more battles easier. I think cards purchase choice are as important as the decision you make when playing your cards.

I got a couple of good tips from other players and got a Level 2 summoner for each splinter, the cheapest of the ones I used the most.

Some 0 mana cards for each splinter have come in really handy too for all the lower mana battles in bronze level.

Some level 2 neutral and splinter monsters were important to go with the level 2 summoners.

All in all I am starting to feel a little more confident now with the purchases and given some spare time am keen to bolster my playing deck and hopefully crack into the silver league for the first time sooner rather than later.

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