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This week we have the new Battle Mage Secrets weekly challenge with the ruleset Armor.

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When I see the game ruleset armor, I am usually not phased because there are many ways to tackle it, but there are some things to consider when building your deck.

An obvious option to get around the armor ruleset would be to maybe use a magic attack such as Obsidian or Alric. As a counter to that, you could use monsters with void or void armor that reduce the magic attack or strengthen your shield for magic attack. This is something to also consider when you have armor combined with the weak magic ruleset.


Other than a magic attack, another tactic that I like to use in this ruleset is the shatter ability. You can use monsters with the shatter ability or the mighty immortalis, the great earth summoner who bestows this ability on your team. This would shatter the shields of your opponents with each attack.

Another ability to consider would be piercing. This allows your monsters full attack to be used against monsters with shield.

The final ace up my sleeve is to use the awesome Wizard of Eastwood summoner who removes shield from your opponents team. They may have been depending on that shield, but you have now removed it.

On to this week's battle.

My Team

This is a high mana battle and it has a twist being with going the distance ruleset too.


Summoner/ MonsterReason
Wizard of EastwoodRemove armor
Runemancer FlorreHigh health & magic attack
Gargoya DevilClose range ability
MantoidStrong ranged attack
Supply RunnerStrong ranged attack
Iza the FangedLife leech ability
Venari SeedsmithLife leech ability


My opponents:



The rules for the battle are:


Armored UpAll monsters have 2 armor in addition to their normal Armor stat.
FerocityAll monsters have the fury ability (Double damage to taunt monsters).
Going the DistanceOnly monsters with ranged attack may be used

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ROUND 1 - Runemancer Florre vs. Gargoya Devil


My main consideration to give myself an edge seeing the armored up ruleset was to play the Wizard of Eastwood who would take this extra armor away from my opponent, leaving them more vulnerable to my attack. A second throng to my attacking plan resolved around keeping my two life leech monsters at the end, building up health for each attack.

As my opponent used Kelya Frendul, they still got to keep their 1 piece of armor from his buff, but they were severly weakend.

My opponent has started with the Gargolya Devil in the tank position, this is understandable given his close range ability. The only weakness is his low health.

In the first round, as expected, due to his low health, he falls first.


I have opted for the strong Runemancer Florre in the tank position. With this being a high-mana battle, this is made possible. Although she doesn't have the close range ability, she does have additional magic attack and a high health score. This combined with the extra armor ruleset should protect her while the main thrust of my attack rains down pain on my opponent.

In the second round, my opponent is heavily outgunned and loses Merdhampir who is next to fall. Runemancer Florre is still standing strong with 9 health.



In round 3, the punishment continues for my opponent, Swamp Spitter and Angelic Mandarin are next to fall and I still have a full team compliment.

Round 4


By round 4, the last two enemy monsters fall in rapid succession unable to stop the onslaught of my attack. The enemy has clearly mis-calculated here and not considered anything in regards to the armor ruleset.


With the armor ruleset, you often need to consider other rulesets that it is combined with, like the going the distance ruleset here. This can often give you some additional ways to take advantage of the armored up ruleset. Another option would have been to go for a Sloan attack where your ranged attack would be increased, but this would mean lots of extra attack on the opponents. I preferred to remove their buff instead with the Wizard of Eastwood.

If you think your opponent will use a magic attack, I would use a tank with void armor such as Legionaire Alvar and another thing, don't forget those useful shatter ability holding monsters.

Thanks for reading.


The title image was created in Canva with images from ArsAdAstra / Pixabay
Screenshots and characters are taken from Splinterlands.

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