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Hello Splinterfans!

This week we have the new Battle Mage Secrets weekly challenge with the ruleset Equalizer. I am not sure if it is inspired by Denzil Washington and the film or not, but it certainly can help equalize things.


One of my favorite battle rulesets is the Equalizer one. This is because there are a few fun ways to play this one with a few of the different splinters. Today I will show you one of my favorites with magic, although it is starting to be threatened by the water deck for strength, thanks to a certain monster that you will see in action today.

I have some tactics to play this one with Sloan also, as I do love to give the ranged attack a nice boost sometimes. There are also some great water decks combos that can do some serious damage.


However today, I had to use the awesome power of magic with Equalizer because many of the monsters are low mana and will therefore get a nice boost from the Equalizer ruleset, plus a magic strength boost from Obsidian.

To counter this would need some strong magic debuffs.

On to this week's battle.

My Team

This is a high mana battle and with equalizer, even low mana monsters can become powerful.

Summoner/ MonsterReason
ObsidianExtra magic attack
GrundDouble-strike ability
Queen MyceliaExtra Shield and Heal abilities
Wood NymphHeal for Grund
Goblin PsychicHeal for Grund and Silence ability
Kron the UndyingMagic attack
Mycelic SlipspawnTaunt ability, to shield Grund

My opponents

Summoner/ Monster
Possibilus the Wise
Coastal Sentry
River Hellondale
Kulu Mastermind
Supply Runner

The rules for the battle are:


EqualizerThe initial Health of all Monsters is equal to that of the Monster on either team with the highest base Health.
Holy ProtectionAll Monsters have the Divine Shield ability.


Watch the Battle on Splinterlands

or youtube:

ROUND 1 & 2 - Grund vs. Diemonshark


My opponent has opted for the legendary summoner Possibilus the Wise. With his reach ability, this will play perfect for him with the very dangerous Coastal Sentry. Coastal Sentry is a faster version of Grund and is proving herself very deadly in battle. My planned taunt with Mycelic Slipspawn won't work against her.

Round 1 starts and there are no casualties although Diemonshark has taken the most damage and looks vulnerable.

In round 2, Grund cannot withstand the onslaught from Diemonshark and Coastal Sentry and is the first to fall. Diemonshark then succumbs to my magic attakc, gets revived my River Hellondale but is finished off again. Up steps Coastal Sentry into the tank position for my opponent.


In Round 3, Coastl Sentry is looking very threatening against Queen Mycelia in my tank position. Luckily with the equalizer rule, Queen Mycelia has alot of health and still is able to heal Mycelic Slipspawn who is getting attacked in the back line.

My magic attack is too much for Coastal Sentry though and she falls and this is a big sigh of relief on my side.



In round 4, my opponents attacks are not causing any trouble to me with my 3 healers working like mad to keep my health topped up. My magic attack is proving very deadly though as River Hellondale is the next to fall.

ROUND 5 & 6


The Deeplurker manages to hold on still in round 5, but then the magic attack is too much for him and he falls in round 6. We are getting closer to the end now for my opponent.

ROUND 7 & 8


With just the powerful Kulu Mastermind and Supply Runner still standing for my opponent, things look pretty bleak. Kulu falls in round 7 and Supply Runner in round 8. This match took longer with the equalizer rule giving people alot of health score.


It could have been a close call here with the reach ability of Possibilus the Wise and the strong melee attack of Coastal Sentry. If they have played the legendary Djinn Oschanus as tank, it might have been another story.

The equalizer rule lets you use usually lower mana monsters and beefs them up with a high health score which can make them quite strong. Usually the magic attack monsters have a low health score, so are a good choice to use with the equalizer ruleset.

The other thing that I like to do, is to try and get some healing monsters to replenish some of the attack. This can help to keep your monsters alive longer.

How do you play the equalizer ruleset?

Thanks for reading.


The title image was created in Canva with images from Yuri_B / Pixabay
Screenshots and characters are taken from Splinterlands.

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