Brighton Bloom - Give Me Wings!

Hello Splinterfans!

This week we have the battle challenge with the powerful dragons and I have chosen the mighty Brighton Bloom.

The lore tells us that Brighton Bloom's loyalty was up for the highest bidder and that was how he joined the mighty dragons. When I think of dragons, I usually think of fire, but today I will focus on another of their great abilities.. flying!

The mighty Brighton Bloom is a powerful summoner who can through his hard training grant the power of flight to any monsters under his control. This can come in very handy as I will show you and give you a huge advantage.

My own Brighton Bloom is just a level 1 summoner, but that is enough to cause havoc on your opponents.

I think a maxed out Brighton Bloom would be awesome to have, so that you could use your monsters with all their abilities.

My Team

This is a mid-level mana battle and I have opted for the life deck as staying alive as long as possible is the goal.

Summoner/ MonsterReason
Brighton BloomGive me wings!
Pelacor ConjurerSpeed & Health
Sunkai HarvesterReach ability
Dhampir InfiltratorSneak & Double Strike abilities
Silvershield ArchersSnipe ability
Venari Crystal SmithHeal ability
Pelacor ArbalestDouble Strike ability


My opponents:

The rules for the battle are:

Equal OpportunityAll monsters will attack from any position.
Armored UpMonsters get +2 added to their armor.
EarthquakeMonsters without flight ability will be hit with 2 melee damage after every round ends. Snared monsters will take 2 melee damage from earthquake per turn too..

Watch the Battle on Splinterlands

ROUND 1 - Pelacor Conjurer vs. Pelacor Conjurer

It is a face-off in the tank position with both teams having non-attacking monsters placed there. As I am playing a level 1 summoner, many of my monsters lose their useful abilities that would ensure me a swift victory. However, even with a level 1 Brighton Bloom, I am sure I can get a victory in the gold league.

The first round starts with the quick death of my Silvershield Archers, they were no match for the magic attack of Djinn Renova. This was a fail choice of monster for me here.

ROUND 2 & 3

In the second round, Pelacor Arbalest is dealing some heavy blows on my opponent and I take my first scalp with Gargoya Devil falling. Things are not looking so rosy for me either though as Dhampir Infiltrator falls also.

In round 3, my opponent is already suffering under 2 earthquakes weakening their attack to my advantage. This isn't enough to stop my main attack from Pelacor Arbalest from falling next.

Round 4

In round 4, I finally finish of their Pelacor Conjurer leaving them without any flying monsters. They also manage to take out Sunkai Harvester. This is getting very close, who will win this?

Round 5

My Pelacor Conjurer now faces off against the mighty Djinn Renova. Normally my maxed out Pelacor Conjurer would reflect the magic attack of the evil Djinn. However, we are playing at level 1 here and there is no such ability to fall back on.

I am in luck though, Round 5 starts with an earthquake to finish off their Dumacke Exile and severely weaken the Djinn Renova. She can only last one more round.

Venari Crystalsmith heals my Pelacor Conjurer and then deals the final blow of the game to Djinn Renova. In her earthquake diminished state, she cannot fend off the ranged attack and it's all over.


With the mighty power of Brighton Bloom being able to give monsters under his control the flying ability, this can give a huge advantage to your team.

Even if I would prefer a level 6 Brighton Bloom, you can still pull off some great victories with a level 1 summoner as I have shown you here.

Thanks for reading.


The title image was created in Canva with images from Turkkinen Pixabay.
Screenshots and characters are from Splinterlands.

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