Splinterlands Progress -- A Season Ending

Today another season came to an end. In the Splinterlands game, that is. I managed to squeeze in quite some games the past season and I got to a higher rating than ever before. However, I didn't manage to move up to the bronze I league yet. Maybe next season!

My loot for the season looks quite nice. Although regulars, I got handed 4 new cards. I'm happy!


I also played a fair share of games using my "no funds added" account. An account that I use from day one without any added funds. That is, the value of the cards, DEC, SPS, etc. all came from simply playing games. My loot on this account is just a bunch of potions and credits, unfortunately:


Yes, progress is very slow this way. But hey I got time. It's just a fun experiment! While the season's loot wasn't great, I did manage to snag a rare card by finishing a challenge recently:


Pretty happy to have this card in my super-thin deck :-)

How did your season end? Some good loot this time?

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