Sharing Is Caring -- A Gift From a Fellow Hiver

Already a few months back, I decided it was time for me to finally dive into the world of Splinterlands. While being on Hive for over 4 years already, I knew the game already for a long time. I use "knew" here in a loose sense because I actually never took the effort to play a game or got into the nitty gritty details of the game.

I still don't know the nitty gritty, but since a couple of weeks I've played battles consistently to gain some cards and some experience. The last few seasons I wasn't very lucky with my loot, as you can read here.

Well my luck turned around this weekend, and it was not what you expect. Out of the blue I got a message from @guchtere in response to my post. @guchtere is someone I know through hive for a few years now and we've been talking on and off through the platform. Although I knew him as a kind person (as far as one can "know" someone through a digital platform), but I was never expecting what he did. Out of the blue he delegated some cards to me to make my battles more successful.


I was not sure if he was serious, so I quickly logged into Peakmonsters and indeed, there were a whole bunch of cards delegated for me to use.


Among them was a rare and epic monster and it even included a legendary summoner! I directly started to push my luck and move myself up to bronze II within a couple of games!


This is a clear example of the great community we have here! You share your struggle, and someone will stand up and help you out! Simply great!

If you have had similar experience, let me know below this post.

And of course I want to thank @guchtere. As a way of thanking you, I made you a 50% beneficiary of this post :-)

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