I've started playing both MODERN and WILD

My favourite SL format is WILD because I find it less restrictive. However, once I was playing, I felt a bit bored with keeping trying WILD things and being rewarded with so little. So, I stuck to MODERN for a bit, then changed to WILD and kept switching them.

What I was wondering right now was if I could get rewards in both formats and which types of rewards would be helpful in the long run. Although there are posts on HIVE that speak about it, I want to experience it on my own skin.

It is not to say that I am not running high on SL. I am only an usual player and I can't empathise with information that is usually given by people who are on superior levels compared to me.

So, I am considering keeping you tuned with my new experiences in both formats.

Have a great SL adventure!


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