Splinterlands - Open Market Assets

A lot of crypto games have digital assets to sell. Same goes for Splinterlands, but the difference is that in Splinterlands the assets grew steadily while not diminishing past asset values. In fact I have not seen any other crypto game such as Splinterlands were digital assets that are as only as three years plus still be worth more than 50 times where it was original price.

The Other Assets

Besides NFT cards one can purchase booster packs, plot lands, totems, and game titles.

It is fascinating to see how open market for these items have been quite active. For instance in the past 24 hours over $3k in value has been exchanged for other assets.

Although other assets are only trading at a fraction of what NFT cards are doing it is still impressive. Current NFT trading volume in past 24 hours is closer to $33k which is more than 10 times that of other assets. Yet then again the NFT market is much bigger than other assets.

Other Asset Deals?

There maybe opportunities at times when it comes to other assets sales. For instance currently there are a couple of Orb packs selling for around the same price as an Untamed pack at $27 compare to $24 respectively. There are more cards to Untamed but Orb packs are older and provide a bonus when the cards are used in rank battle. All in all the Orbs although its at $27 it is still a lot higher than its original price, still a better deal than compared to an Untamed pack.


The other assets market only began opening in recent months therefore it is in its infancy even. For NFT cards to have now a current exchange of around $30k daily it would not surprise me if down the road the other assets markets also reach as high as $30k. Of course there are multiple factors involve for such a moment to happen, but cool to be watching it evolving.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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