Splinterlands - My End Of Seasons Results (Season 7)

At the end of season 6 I did not get much in reward chests. The reward yields were trending down from prior seasons. For season 7 I actually got more than the past season. With some luck I pulled a epic gold foil, nearly 2k merit, and a pack. All else pretty decent too with a legend, epic and 10 sps.

Stats for Season 7

I ended up at a lower league than past seasons at gold II. This will effect how well I earn for this current season ending rewards. For the matches stats I was not able to achieve above a 1 win to loss ratio so that meant this past season was not my best or even close.

Earnings for daily battles were less than past seasons and I consider it being one of the lowest in rewards earned ever for me. For DEC under 4000 in value is not ideal but could be because of the conversion of rewards as SPS.

Rental Earnings

A staggering drop in rental income for me. It dropped below 30k for the season which meant I was yielding around $20 for the season. This is more than 50% drop from my all time highs.


There was some positive in this end of season such as the end of season rewards. Yet there were a lot of negatives such as lower battle reward yields and in turn drop in passive income in rentals.

I have been investing more into the game by adding chaos and chaos reward cards. I hope in future seasons I will be able to play in modern to earn what can be potentially more battle rewards than wild matches. I am also trying to adjust my rental rates so I can yield more income and use that income to buy more cards.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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