Splinterlands - Having A Bad Day

I am a fan of Splinterlands because I enjoy the experiences I have with it on most days. However today my opponents were not so kind to me. In the span of around 40 battles I had at least two strings of losses of 7 or more matches. Yeah I have been playing the game for years but still I get beaten up.

My Difficulties in Gold League

Every time I get close to top 500 I immediately go on a losing streak which pulls my ranking back out of top 1,000. Clearly I am not as good as I think I am at this game and this is only gold league. I can just imagine how poorly I would perform if I had my cards going into diamond league.

One of my major hurdles in gold league is my lack of cards leveled to the max. I have a good range of cards but multiple of them are not taking the full advantage of the league's level caps. For instance my main use water summoner Arlic Stormbringer is at level 4 where gold allows up to level 6.

In addition to levels I am also not fully utilizing "ability loops" when setting up battle formations.

For instance in the setup below first glance I had assume I had a reasonable chance of winning considering only 25 mana was allow to be used and my opponent all monsters had health of 4 or less.

By the end of round one although I appear to have the advantage with all my monsters still on the battle field while my opponent had only thee things took a turn very quickly.

What I will say is that my opponent had two monsters that inflicted redemption on my formation and they had Dr. Blight rise in health to 7. I had several monsters poisoned from their magic monsters.

What a difference a round makes? At end of round 2 my opponent appeared stronger with Dr. Blight at health 10 while I was down to quite literally two monsters since my tanker was a range attack monster. On top of all that my monsters health were now hanging by a thread.

Bottom line I did not stack abilities well in gold league and it was showing in my performance. This was a concern for me while I was playing in silver league but now it is coming to fruition I need to strategize on how to be better.

Looking Ahead

I need to play around with more cards that I rarely or never use in matches but how to for play.

Experiment and figure what formation setups give me advantage of looping abilities. After all the game is only fun if I not only lose but win. Today made me feel I have taken a step back in the game when it comes to progress, but moving ahead I see this as another challenge for me to complete. A challenge in performing better in gold league.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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