Splinterlands - Haunted Spider (Weekly Battle Post)



The death splinter has unique cards and Haunted Spider is one of them. The monster has poison ability at level 3 so very easy to obtain, relatively speaking. When alpha and beta cards were just out it would be easy to obtain this common card. Now those cards are at premium price and makes this card difficult to own at current prices. I was fortunate to have gotten one and today I will show my use of it ;)

Use of Haunted Spider


In this battle the mana is limited to 25 with rule sets Spreading Fury and Rise of Commons. Fortunately Haunted Spider is a common so it will fit well in this match. In addition as death splinter there are several monsters that fit in this low mana match. So even though the splinters of choice were fire, earth, dragon and death I leaned toward death. One last but important parameter to mention is this was a tournament alpha only match hence I went with death splinter.


My formation starts off with Haunted Spirit followed up with Animated Corpse, Skeleton Assassin, Undead Priest, Haunted Spider and end with Twisted Jester. All alpha monsters and all at least level 3. My opponent went with Animated Corpse, follow by Haunted Spirit, Undead Priest and end with Twisted Jester. I had two more monsters than my opponent and mine were mostly matched in level against my opponent so by initial view I had the advantage.

Round 1


Both sides losses their Undead Priest but since I started out with a full formation I end with a 5 to 3 advantage.

Round 2


Round 2 is where the core of my opponent's formation is destroyed. With Twisted Jester and Animated Corpse both knocked out on my opponent's side the match became lopsided of a four against one. I lost my Haunted Spider in the round. Prior to that Haunted Spider had poisoned my opponent's Animated Corpse.

Round 3 and 4


The end came for my opponent's Haunted Spirit in round 4. The match was a win from the start with advantage on my end and results was as expected me winning lol.

Battle Conclusion

The Haunted Spider's health was too low to withstand my opponent's attacks but it did its job by inflicting poison against my opponents. The premises of using the monster I believe is to do long term damage against opponents on the field with poison. The remainder of my formation overwhelmed my opponent in numbers and it became a lopsided battle.

I wish more matches were like this where I had more cards to use than my opponent. Unfortunately in today's play there are now new rewards and Untamed cards that have better and more cards to play with. Just with using alpha and beta monsters are not enough.

If you are interested in watching the battle described in this post, Link Here.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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