Splinterlands - Chaos Packs, My Take in Feb. 2023

Recently Splinterlands officially announced a promotion for buying the last million of Chaos packs in advance of the end of the series in March. The sale will benefit those who buy in bulk and in large sizes. From this it appears we are at the final stages of Chaos and now I want to reflect on what I think of the final sales.

Over Printing

Each Splinterlands series came and went with all the packs sold. On the other hand the current set in Chaos remains being actively sold for over a year but it is understandable.

There were simply too many packs to offer in the first place and now we are down to close to 1 million packs left with at least 2 million packs already burned. In total there will be less than 13 million packs ever made in circulation which is still more than 8x the series before it in Untamed.

The signs of players over saturated with the packs have shown over the months as Chaos packs struggle to gain traction once it hit near midway in total sales. The introduction of burning packs daily in the tune of 50k a day definitely help motivate buyers.

Sale After Sale

With the burn of packs came also sales the developers also introduce promos and discounts along the way in trying to drain the amount of packs held in their hands to be in the hands of the players. This seemed to be somewhat of a success but at what cost? Like we said earlier in the post Splinterlands will have another bulk discount sale for the final million packs in hopes to lure in interest. Yet the promo card before it just a couple months before had been what I consider a success as then millions of packs were able to be sold, since there are over a million promo cards printed.

I am not sure how much discounts the latest offering would be compare to the past but I would simply say that any discount is a sign that the demand for Chaos has been weakening and now its time to move in a positive step toward the next series.

Chaos As A Game Big Success?

Resounding yes in regards to the Chaos packs making players much more competitive than in the past. As a player who mainly held Alpha cards prior to Chaos I will say after Chaos the Alphas were never the same. The over powering and complexity Chaos brings is simply unmatched. I had to continuously build my deck with Chaos cards in order to at least have a stand on my own ranking. In the end I was hooked to Chaos as much as others and I personally think this was the best set of cards to be rolled out to date.


Each series that came after the previous resulted in better gameplay. Now with the next series already in the works, Rebellion, just my the name of it already sounds much cooler than Chaos. Will it mean this next set goes against Chaos? Or against the whole game of cards as there maybe new abilities that flips the game on its heads?

Chaos may have been over printed but in the end it was a big success to the game. In all series before it up to Untamed we were aware that there would not be unlimited cards for players to buy and hold. It created demand for cards. Yet the sad part was there were too many Chaos cards that force the supply and demand equation into having an over saturated supply.

With the final Chaos packs running another chapter of the game ends and we are see a new chapter begin. Rebellion will be coming out this Summer so until then I continue to accumulate Chaos when I can meanwhile sit tight in anticipation for another great series the developers have to offer.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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