Splinterlands - Assets Values To Date Oct. 2022

I think a lot of Splinterlands players/fans are hearing a ton about Runi and how it is shaping up to be a grand success in the form of value on the ETH blockchain. With the highest purchase of a Runi now stands at 5 WETH!

With that being said I went around the markets of Splinterland assets and decided to see for myself besides the Runi assets are there other potentially good items to be purchasing now and maybe in the future have its price appreciate? However I want to be clear by no means the list to follow will mean these items are for certain to rise, but that to look at how they are now versus before and what they potentially could be valued in the future.

Land Plots

Only 150k of these tokens will ever exist. Each token represents a plot of land that would shape the metaverse of Splinterlands. A game by itself that will have some integration with the Splinterlands NFTs it remains to be seen if plots will live up to their potential.

Yet for over a year now the price of a plot of land still remains mulitple times higher than original value. Original value was around $10 while currently it sells around $200 and had an all time high over around $500.

It is worth mentioning that the plots have rarity similar to NFTs therefore the most coveted plots considered legendary will likely be the most sought after.
I personally believe the most limited of land plots in rarity will likely be well above the max prices currently spent on purchasing a plot. Like booster packs specific legendaries simply are worth multiple times more than the pack itself. I feel the same way as the land plots as once they are open and if they are legendary and have specific characteristics to favor the player needs those plots will exceed in value than what they are currently selling for.


An even more scarce asset than the land plots are the totems. It has been rumored that with the combination of a land plot, nft, and totem the players would be able to obtain the most efficient in game play once the land game begins. The totems similar to the plot lands are broken out into types and rarities. There are less totems than land plots and currently not many being sold on Hive-Engine.

In fact only 2 legendary totems currently on the market. Talk about scarcity!

Packs in Open Market

Currently there are the ongoing sales of Chaos, Riftwatchers, and Tower Defense packs. The Tower Defense packs are totally separate game of its own therefore I won't asset what its value is compare to the other packs.

Meanwhile Chaos packs are currently selling under $2 a pack and close to 50% of the entire supply has been opened. There is barely over 30% of the packs left to offer in the game. Considering it is 15 million packs in total Chaos seems to be a success when it comes be being sold. I have personally purchased packs on the open market and open the packs to resell the cards. I have yet to really pull a card I wish to keep but its not like I don't want Chaos cards. In fact I have been steady purchasing cards in the after market. To me I prefer to just get the card at the value that is being offered since I need higher level cards. If I went with buying booster packs to obtain same number of cards I would likely not have enough to level boost the cards I am specifically looking for.

The out of print boosters such as Untamed, Beta, and Alpha are still being sold in the open markets. I noticed currently Untamed is just slight less than that of Beta packs even though there are less Beta packs than Untamed. On Hive Engine Untamed is selling for as low as 43 hives.

While beta packs selling for as low as 50 hives.

The cards themselves will likely be worth more than the packs themselves as some of the most sought after cards in the no longer in print category is very popular. I underestimated the demand for Untamed cards as of today even though there are technically 5 times the amount more cards printed than the legacy Alpha set, a full max level Untamed set is still over $100k.

What I have noticed is future sets tend to be better overall in game play than previous sets. From Alpha to Beta there really was not a lot of difference besides introduction of Neutral cards in Beta. Then Untamed came and that shatter the game with its Legendary summoners. Now up is Chaos which is taking a run for Alpha/Beta's run for its money. The Chaos cards are so good that in all likelihood that was the reason why the developers broke out Wild and Modern leagues.

Titles, Skins, Potions, NFTs

A lot of Splinterlands assets beyond that of the in game or future game tokens are some other items associated to the game but do not increase gamer's experience that still gets bought and bought by plenty.

Some of those items include Hive Tribe's Splintertalk.io which has an NFT market of Splinterlands artwork. Then there are gifts for purchasing large sum of booster packs such as earning a title to be used in game. Or there are skins purchase to make one's own alpha/beta cards look more appealing.

I suspect most of these items will likely be in demand to the die hard fans of the game. This is because most of these items do not benefit the players when they are playing battle matches. Yet some like to show status or prove others they are worthy of some form of higher recognition in the game thereby they obtain these types of assets.


If there was one or a specific set of assets in the Splinterlands game I say would be a must in order to obtain a great experience it would be the in game cards themselves. With the game cards one can have a chance to succeed playing the game and earning income to buy other assets of the game. If one had to start either rent out cards or purchase cards that have best bang for the buck such as reward cards is ideal.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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