What Cards is Neutral Losing Once Chaos Legion is Live?


Over the past few articles, I've been covering which cards will no longer be viable for play in Modern League format in Splinterlands. Today we're going to talk about the neutral cards that won't be playable in modern format games.

Any opinion I make about the cards is based on my experience in silver and bronze. Some of these cards might be amazing in gold or higher, but I don't have experience at those levels. Consider this a guide for silver and bronze players.

This is Part 6 in the series. You can check out the first five parts of the series here...

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Let's Recap the New Ruleset for Chaos Legion Modern League Format
OK, we're not actually losing any cards. All cards will still be viable in one of two different leagues, Modern and Wild. Being a relatively new player, I don't have any alpha, beta, or older cards so I've decided to stick it out in the Modern League.

You can only use cards from the Untamed Edition, Azmare Dice, and Chaos Legion Editions in the Modern League. So no Alpha, Beta, or Promo cards will be allowed. This also means the "starter" cards will be changing as well.

Now that we understand what editions are playable, how does this affect the Neutral cards in Splinterlands?

What Common Cards is Neutral Losing?


Once the modern format is live, players won't be able to use grumpy dwarf, peaceful giant, elven cutthroat, enchanted defender, and centaur.

I see huge holes left in some of my lineups that will be hard to replace. A peaceful giant is a great and affordable meatshield, while a centaur is a great damage dealer. Elven cutthroat is a huge loss to my sneak-based teams and will also be sorely missed. While cutthroat has technically been replaced by Uraeus, that card is an epic. Maybe the new packs will have a common replacement for cutthroat.

What Rare Cards is Neutral Losing?


For rares, you'll lose access to cocatrice, cyclops, and enchanted pixie in modern format games. I use cocatrice and pixie often and they are a mainstay of my low mana water magic teams. I honestly never use cyclops unless there is some weird rule combo that forces me into the card.

What Epic Cards is Neutral Losing?


As for the epics, you'll no longer be able to play raging impaler, dwarven wizard, magi sphinx, and halfling alchemist in modern format. While I do see halfling alchemist played a ton, I never really have room for him in my lineups. As for the other 3 cards, I rarely use any of them.

What Legendary Cards is Neutral Losing?


Hyrda is the only legendary card on the list. While this is a decent card, every splinter has a better tank option already. I would never choose this as my tank over any of the other main tanks in the game. Maybe I'm wrong, is there any reason I should play hydra over commons like Sea Monster or Life Golem?

What Do We Know About the New Neutral Cards Coming in Chaos Legion?

So far, 3 new neutral reward cards have been announced.

Gargoya Lion (common)


Gargoya Lion is a common tank card with flying. He has decent stats but costs 6 mana. I feel this card won't truly shine until you get it to level 5 where it gets void ability. Better start stocking up on this 17 cent card while you have the chance since you'll need 60 of them to get that ability.

Gargoya Devil (rare)

Next up is a rare ranged damage dealer, Gargoya Devil. This card has flying and close range which allows it to attack from any position. Devil also gets much more interesting at level 5. The level 5 ability deathblow doubles the damage this monster causes if it is attacking a team with only one monster on the field. This is perfect to fight any team with the last stand ability.

Uraeus (epic)


Uraeus is by far my favorite new neutral reward card. This 3 mana sneak monster has become an everyday addition to most of my teams. It's ideal for low mana battles and can really pack a punch against your opponent's backline.

Doctor Blight (legendary)


In addition to the new reward cards, the team has announced Doctor Blight. This legendary card is the pre-sale promo card and will only be airdropped to players.

It is a low mana magic support card. While it has low speed and low health, it has 5 abilities at max level. Even for the silver cap, it has 3 abilities. As long as you can keep this card alive, you'll have a huge advantage over your opponent. In reverse speed or equal health matches, this card might be super OP.

With a low supply, it might be hard to get your hands on a Dr. Blight once the card is airdropped. I'll be putting aside money to buy 3 and get my copy to level 2 at least.

How Does Neutral Look Right Now?

While there are some really good cards leaving, it doesn't look that bad for the neutral cards. Honestly, most of these cards can easily be replaced by the new reward cards that have already been released for each faction. I'm still hoping for some interesting new neutral cards to be announced soon!

If you made it this far I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my post. I hope it was informative and helps you make better teams in Splinterlands!

Do you have any strategies you'd like to share? What Decks are you planning on using once Chaos Legion is live?

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