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Share Your Battle - Weekly Challenge

Mycelic Morphoid

Mycelic Morphoid is a common card that belongs to the Earth splinter and quite useful for tanking on low mana battles with its 1 mana requirement. It has the thorn ability for level 3 which is a very nice ability especially on melee based ruleset. This has given me many won battles especially on low/mid mana brawls. I'm sharing to you one of my battles with this guy.

The Rules

  • All Cards Playable
  • No Life and Water Splinter
  • Melee Mayhem
  • Noxious Fumes
  • 38 Mana

The Line UP/Strategy

I chose the Earth splinter even though it doesn't have a monster with Immunity ability because I guess he will play Fire splinter with Forgotten One. With 38 Mana, I know that fire is prone to magic damage even with Tusk the Wide, I have Grund to counter him. So I deployed Mycelic Morphoid, Grund, Regal Peryton, Psychic Goblin, Spirit Hoarder and Mycelic Slispawn. My strategy is simple, overpower the enemy before the poison kill my team. I let Slipspawn take the aggro and Mycelic Morphoid tank the first line one attack and hope that the thorn will deal some damage and help in preserving the health of Grund. The healers did their job well and kept Grund and Slipspawn into the game.


Watch the Full Battle Here

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