Walking towards a new Splinter

We know Earth and Water are usually the easiest colors to build in the Splinterlands crypto game, since both of them have widespread Heal and Tank Heal support monsters. What should follow?

Between dragons and death

Now that my Earth Splinter can easily reach Gold mid-season and my Water Splinter awkwardly wins in Silver sometimes, I need a new Splinter that can perform at least as well as my Water monsters do. But what is my focus going to be? Fire, Life, Death or Dragon?

Dragon Splinter shows up slightly less often than any other Splinter, but owning good Dragon cards also boosts my current collection, so that's a Splinter I should consider. There's no particularly strong Fire or Life monster that could carry my team to victory, but Death Splinter has Cursed Windeku, a magnific all-around tank with Heal.

If I choose Dragon Splinter, I can focus on owning Chaos Dragon, Djinn Chwala, Carnage Titan, Dhampir Infiltrator. Djinn Chwala alone has the potential to net me some wins, even though he's no Cursed Windeku. The former is a lot cheaper than the latter, which makes me lean towards Dragon Splinter.

Focusing on Dragon Reward cards before purchasing Chaos Dragon and Carnage Titan lead me into a nice purchasable curve. Cursed Windeku, on the other hand, costs $17 all by itself. As it is the most important pick up for Death Splinter, it becomes clear starting with Djinn Chwala is what I want to do right now, since owning it costs a measly $1.

That's my reasoning for which Splinter I'm going to focus on next, after owning a Gold League capable Earth Splinter and an okay-ish Silver League Water Splinter. See you on the battlefield!

image source: https://splinterlands.com/

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