Every good Untamed and Modern Reward card with Astral Entity

Second half of all Modern cards - and a few counters

You didn't think I'd forget about Untamed and Modern Reward Monsters that go really well when combined with the newest Summoner released in the Splinterlands crypto game, Astral Entity. I know you didn't, and you were right to rely on me.

I hereby present you the remaining 12 great cards you should use with Astral Entity. Some of them are also great against Astral Entity, so there's another reason to go through this list. If you want to look at the first half, click on this link: Every good Rift, CL and Dice Monster with Astral Entity


Dark'Haon tanks with Taunt, Flying, Scavenger, Void and even Magic Reflect. Its only real vulnerability is a strategy where your opponent stacks physical damage - but now that has become a lot less reliable. Paired with Flying, Dark'Haon dodges a lot more Melee and Ranged attacks than before.

Dark Astronomer doesn't synergize that well with Astral Entity, but you should still consider it because of its Blind ability. When you're already trying to build a team composition with Flying Monsters, Blind further increases the chances your Monsters dodge a lot more attacks.

Undead Badger is one of those Monsters that just want to attack as quickly as possible, which it does just fine by itself. Will its target have Armor points, though? They're less likely to be armored up when you're using Astral Entity.

Mantoid works a lot like Undead Badger, so it enters this list. However, it's also a card that can counter Astral Entity: Snare is strong against this Legendary Summoner's buffs. Decreasing a 40% chance to dodge to 20% is massive.

Tower Griffin has Flying, which combos nicely with Astral Entity's Dodge buff. However, this is also the one card that indulges in being resurrected, reapplying its Protection buff to all of your Monsters.

Soulstorm is the most important Monster in mirror matches. It's more likely you'll use Astral Entity in battles where Magic attackers are scarce, so everything Soulstorm can do is incredibly useful against another Astral Entity user. Soulstorm can deny Flying abilities with Snare, debuff ranged attackes with Headwind, and it has Flying itself. If only one of the two Astral Entity players uses Soulstorm, they're going to be at an advantage.

Modern Reward

Almo Cambio is probably the strongest tank when paired with Astral Entity. It already has a lot of Speed on its own and the Phase ability. You could argue we can already buff it with Flying, and you'd have a valid point. Dodge is an even better buff, though, because it can't be denied due to attacks from Monsters with the Snare ability.

Every-Hungry Skull might usually not look like much, but it's a hidden gem in Rise of the Commons, specially now that Astral Entity is out. Flying and Dodge in matches where Magic attacks aren't allowed is amazing.

Sand Worm is just like Mantoid - good with Astral Entity, good against Astral Entity. This huge assassin benefits from the armor debuff applied to the enemy team in battles where you think many enemy Monsters are going to stack a lot of Armor points.

Nightmare is ballistic fast - a stunning 7 Speed Monster with the Phase ability. Now that it can get Flying, plenty of attacks shall miss it entirely. Remember, Nightmare can also evade more Magic attacks because it's also applied in the successful attack equation because it has Phase.

Phantasm only sees play in Rise of the Commons, but it's still darn good in a very niche situation: no Magic attackers allowed. Whatever hits Phantasm probably gets attacked back, too.

Pelacor Deceiver is a better Phantasm, because he works a lot better when he doesn't get it. Every time an opponent misses a melee or ranged attack, they get damaged by Backfire, while Phantasm wants to be hit by ranged attacks.

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