Splinterlands Diary 19.02.22 - New Cards & Tokens Giveaway!


Hello, Hive! A new day - new wins in Splinterlands and today I continue to play in the Gold III league, completed battles in Guilds Brawl and continued my experiments with increasing my passive income.

Daily Quest Rewards

So, today I had a day quest for the element of Death and the first four battles went great, so I tried to break into the Gold II league, but as often happens - the algorithm started throwing strong opponents with level 7 cards, so I decided to spare the battery and finished it after 3 or 4 losses.

I was rewarded with a couple Venari Heatsmiths, a Pelacor Conjuer, a Pelacor Deceiver, and a couple of potions. Can't say the reward is good, but at the same time - each card is a plus point on the SPS airdrop, so all in all it's okay.


Chaos Legion Pack

Purchasing another Chaos Legion pack brought a great set of cards for the Water deck - the epic archer Igor Darkspeark, the nimble Deeplurker, Dr. Merdaali Guardian, and the enchantress River Nymph, which is very difficult to play poison card battles without.


Guilds Brawl Report

In this round of Guilds Brawl I managed to finish with a good result and 6 wins in 7 battles, and our guild Splinterlands.Ru took 4th place, and as a result 462 MERITs as a reward for each of the fighters.

I was especially pleased with the last victory, which played a combo of several "inexpensive cards" against a couple of expensive and powerful.

My opponent had Djinn Oshannuss and Phantom of the Abyss, protecting them with chicken and cheap cards, while I chose an attack strategy and used the Equalizer rule to bet on Exploding Dwarf and Serpentine Spy, augmented by Fire Elemental, Spark Pixies and Orella Abadon Gladiator.



Passive Income

Continuing to work on increasing my passive income today I delegated another 1000 SPT to @oneup-cartel's account @monster-curator for a daily cashback, and invested 10 more PIZZA tokens in pool PIZZA:ONEUP. Daily awards from it make me very happy, so I will not stop there.

Giveaway !

And for dessert, a new giveaway of cards and tokens. This time there will be 3 PELACOR DECEIVER cards, which are great in Earthquake rule battles, 10 PIZZA tokens, 10 ONEUP tokens and 50 THGAMING tokens!

To be one of the winners, all you have to do is leave a comment under this post with your Splinterlands nickname.

And to make it even more interesting, you can double your chances and leave the same comment on my blog Mishkadj.ru under the Russian-language post about the PIZZA token


I'll sum up the results of the giveaway as soon as I pay for this post, so all that remains is to wish you luck and see you at the battlefields!

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