Splinterlands Diary 03.05.22 - Uriel The Purifier


Hey friends, the May weekend continues and between BBQ parties and hanging out with the family I took some time out to play and today I got this reward for completing the Gold III league quest of the day:


Gold cards, even ones like Pelacor Mercenary aren't bad, so encouraged by this prize I decided to unlock two more Chaos Legion Packs in one of which happened to be the legendary Uriel The Purifier!


It's nice to get such an addition to the deck, and I've rented it before, so now I can save some DEC ;)

In the old-fashioned way, I sent the rookie into battle, and in one of the battles he did a great job in the first position.

So, I chose the following strategy:

  • TYRUS PALADIUM summoner, for shield enhancement.

  • In the first position URIEL THE PURIFIER with a powerful attack (although you have to wait for the charge), but a strong shield and a lot of health;

  • On the second position, since the rules of combat was Noxius Fumes put the mighty KRALUS, able to inflict magical attacks and resist negative effects;

  • On the third position SILVERSHIELD BARD to help my tank and resist poison, at least for one turn;

  • In the fourth position DIVINE HEALER, to heal my tank and do some magic damage to my opponent's first card;

  • Completing the combo is BILA THE RADIANT, which can restore health through damage. In battles with "poisoned cards" or battles against WAKA SPIRITBLADE it's pretty damn good!

The opponent emphasized ranged attacks and cards with a lot of health, so my main goal was to destroy his SHIELDBEARER, after which everything went smoothly and I managed to finish this fight with minimal losses (and that from poison).



After the battles were over and the battery was drained, I started working on the finances again - I increased PIZZA:ONEUP pool (and came up to 1000 tokens), added some to staking CTP and LISTNERDS, and also added some tokens to delegate @monster-curator and @oneup-curator. Great way to earn some Hive on full passive :)

I'll be doing Guild Brawl battles tomorrow, so I wish everyone good luck and see you on the battlefields!

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