Going Going Gone Untamed Packs Sold Out!!!!


Anyone that frequently reads my posts knows i have been watching splinterlands like a hawk for a while now. About 10 days ago I began grabbing screen grabs of the number of untamed packs remaining. I'm a fan of splinterlands and have been since I first started playing almost 1 year ago.

Before I get to the screenshots I feel I should explain for those that dont yet play splinterlands exactly why Untamed packs selling out is so special. Those of us that knew about the BSC integration announced by splinterlands 2 weeks ago.

The BSC integration has aspects making the untamed packs a hot commodity The primary aspect I can easily point to is their Splintershards SPS crypto on BSC and one of its distribution systems their SPS Airdrop system.
You can see from the chart above not only is the untamed pack going to be very valuable in comparison to its original listing price but the Dice packs are sure to follow though this will take much more time.

For all the details on the BSC Splinterlands announcement please check the following official post.

Its all fun and games until its on a blockchain.

Now I dont like to lie its rather pointless in the long run so why bother, I'm not going to say that no one views splinterlands as simply an investment maybe even an income. Playing the game for simply the fun of it when crypto is concerned is a rather naïve view of the user base as a whole.

Though I'm sure there are fans like myself that genuinely enjoy the game, and though we are having fun playing a video game we are also accumulating NFTs and crypto with real world value.

Blockchain Game have always been a focus of mine ever since I first got into crypto 3 years ago. Mostly because I have held a philosophy that the Digital items in games should retain value.

Video games before blockchain charged for items and content then wouldn't value them after they are purchased. I have always felt this isn't right blockchain has made it possible to give digital items value as well as ensure the market doesn't have bootleg or fake game assets.

This gives players a sense of legitimacy to their purchased and earned game assets, I'm a nerd from way back I have even sold Diablo 2 items online via dial up connection most may not realize but in the internets infancy there was a point in time people could sell in game items for real world cash. I was reselling diablo sets while I was in high school at first to nerds in the area but eventually even on online forums.

Diablo 2 items market crashed once modding became the norm, Blockchain makes modifying or creating an in game NFT impossible. Never thought I would live to see a day where selling in game items was downright viable.

If your playing and buying for profit alone fine and dandy your a fan like me cool as well honestly its irrelevant. Besides if we are being honest both those that want to profit and the fans want to see the project succeed in the end this is what maters.

Its been a long road but we may have made it

Blockchain games had a few issues that needed to be figured out before mass adoption could realistically occur. The majority of these issues are rather obvious if you just look at the ETH blockchain games.

Splinterlands is on multiple blockchain markets with exceedingly simplistic transfer from blockchain to blockchain facilitated through the game no less.

BSC is slowly taking the place of ETH on many Dapps and NFT markets for good reason ETH by the nature of its functionality was doomed when games are concerned especially. This is mostly because of the sheer level of processing power required for both Blockchain records & the game itself.

This is why to me the best bet for viable blockchain games has been RAM based assets like EOS. This is much less taxing to a network when you can evenly distribute the workload between the networks equivalent of a GPU and CPU.

ETH may get its ass pulled out of the fire they started but id rather the projects based off of it see its not a great option its not good for the environment. Besides by the gas fees alone the average consumer sees ETH network gives two fucks about us.

WAX Hive EOS and now BSC have made huge advancements in less then a year that may have solved the problems ETH has. Meaning that blockchain games will be better for the environment then they where, Easier to utilize by the general populous, & putting the consumer first.

These types of achievements are ground breaking technological advancements that simply didn't exist in this form just 2 years ago.

Due mostly to the transparency and cooperation of the smaller blockchain projects making most Dapps opensource allowing access to build info. This is rather astounding just look what can be accomplished by sharing information instead of hording it like major tech companies still do.

Through pursuit towards the same goal a shared dream of viable blockchain games & NFTs we may all see this dream finally become a reality.

Get to the screen shots already

I have never seen anything like this in an NFT market the image above is from 2 days ago the airdrop for that 100,000 pack milestone happened this morning but the 100,000 packs left threshold was passed later that evening.
This image was from 4 hours ago the rest sold so quickly I started getting screen grabs hourly.
200,000 Untamed packs sold in 2 days, The name for the next Series is perfect "Chaos Legion" We the player base are legion for we are many.

Buckle up splinterlands in particular is a very meticulous project, they dont have anything happen without the next stage being ready to begin. Its why I believe splinterlands is the best block chain game the project has an astonishing level
of thought & work put into every action.


Land plots have all been sold out for a while now it appears the Dice packs are the last asset on the in game market. I cant wait to see what comes next for splinterlands!!!!

King of card games

Magic the gathering & yugioh fandom will likely seem insignificant when compared to splinterlands in a few years. Hell they may even dethrone the champ Pokémon inside of a decade. Just a guess from a nerd that has played all of these card games before, splinterlands to me possesses the potential to be greater then all the similar style card games that came before it. Like the physical cards in the other games its just as much about getting rare and powerful cards as it is about playing the game. Hell Pokémon cards can still be sold for more then the cost of a new car, Splinterlands has the distinct advantage of being digital instead of physical making, Splinterlands greater then those card collections could ever be.

Airdrops for days

Looks like the airdrops for purchasing packs something usually months apart is going to have 3 occur within a week.

Impressive doesn't describe what happened here more like unprecedented, I'm just in awe at what has transpired.
I got HERO OF BEYOND the last new Untamed pack cards to be introduced on Friday. I like reading the lore on the cards & this lore is fairly important to all of us using Blockchain. These lines in particular seems like a promise of what's to come direct quote

"The Hero of Beyond draws his innate strength and abilities from an exotic and otherworldly form of sorcery called Blockchain, the driving force of the world from which he came. As he submitted to the Gloridax masters his likeness to be made into a card, they questioned him about the nature of his powers. He chuckled heroically, posed for his drawing and replied:" “Soon the whole universe will know the power of Blockchain.”

This is a perfect metaphor for what is just beginning blockchain asset mass adoption that is to say adoption by the average consumer. Crypto mass adoption already has taken place for investing and commerce this will be a NFT and blockchain game mass adoption. While both are based on blockchain these markets are not the same, yes the crypto price may fluctuate and slightly affect a price of NFTs on that blockchain. There are more and more projects like splinterlands on several different blockchain markets simultaneously as such they tend to establish a value generally averaged between every market that carries the NFTs in question.

Last time you will find this price

With the untamed packs quickly becoming more and more scarce by the hour, Its likely the last time your see one of these cards for this cheap.
Only 99 of these bad lads and your looking at mine for sale at $500 in the splinterlands in game market. These cards raise your account power significantly & are damn useful in game no one expects you to use a gold Yodin Zaku. Most thought it was a myth its like being able to play a lock ness monster but with less sightings.

I want to keep the NFT honestly, but as of right now I'm finding it a prudent course of action to find a buyer. Lowered my account power so now I'm stuck in silver league which sucks, but if you want to get your hands on a prized Gold Yodin Zaku I'm selling if anyone's buying.

Free NFT 1 time airdrop URL

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Once claimed please let the other readers know in the comments it helps.

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The graph above is a measurement of the Splinterlands secondary sale volume on WAX over the last 4 months.

It hit $80,000 worth of splinterlands assets sold by users on WAX this is the highest sale volume I have ever seen for this NFT collection on WAX. Hives secondary market blew up as well, & the in game market has been increasing in price and frequency of sales for a while now.

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