There are battle conditions that determine the use of certain types of monsters, although although they can be used, they have a great disadvantage.

One of these cases is the battle rule below.


RULESET: Briar Patch

All units receive the Thorns ability at the start of the battle. Enemy units that use melee attacks receive damage back.

Damage returned is equal to damage of the attacker divided by 2, rounded up.

Melee attack units with the Reflection Shield ability do not take damage from thorns.

The Amplify ability increases damage.

My Battle


In this battle, in addition to the BRIAR PATCH battle condition, which gives all monsters the THORNS ability, which as I said makes the use of monsters with melee attacks disadvantageous, so in this case alignments that only use Cards with magic or ranged attacks will have an advantage.

In addition, we only have the option to use cards with odd values, which will not allow us to have available important cards that we use in our lineup such as DJINN OSHANNUS. However, we have other interesting cards available that will be the ones we will use.

Furthermore we have 46 mana which is more than enough for our used alignment and we can use all the possible alignments except the green one so it is not possible to encounter QUORA TOWERSHEAD.

My Team


This summoner is level 3, which will allow you to combine good level cards and activate skills that help us win. Furthermore, by increasing the magical attack by +1 it would allow us to eliminate my opponent faster.


This card is very important for our strategy. It will allow me to resist some of my opponent's attacks, thus preventing them from damaging my tank. Additionally, upon dying, it will strengthen my tank, giving it more speed, health, attack, and shield.

This will make my tank more dangerous and durable allowing me to dodge some of my opponent's attacks while managing to eliminate several of my enemy's cards before I can finally be eliminated by my opponent.


This is my main tank that with its 9 life and its attack of 3 that will further increase the magic attack up to 4 which will allow it to eliminate my opponent even faster, while resisting his attacks.


Although this card does not have as much magical attack since it is 1 and will be raised to 2 because the summoner will raise it, its STUN ability will be able to give more resistance to my tank by preventing its front line monster from attacking by itself. one or more turns, this way it will be more difficult for my opponent to eliminate my tank.


This monster gives all my cards a +2 shield that will prevent damage to the direct life of all my monsters for one or more turns, that way my monsters will have a chance to each resist one more attack from cards with a body attack. body and distance.


This card, in addition to having a great life of 7, has a great attack of 2 that will increase to 3 by the summoner and its AFFLICTION ability, it can prevent my opponent from regenerating.


This monster will be important to give more resistance to all the monsters by regenerating the shield of all the monsters so I could resist more attacks while my monsters eliminate my enemy without the shield stopping the attack.



In this round 1 I managed to eliminate his IMPERIAL KNIGHT by attacking it with all my monsters that although with the attack power of my monsters I could not eliminate it, this being a melee attack monster received 2 damage from the thorns ability, and this is what allowed me to eliminate him this turn.

In this round my enemy manages to eliminate my VENARI MARKSRAT who attacks him with his, MERIPUT MAGICIAN, WAR PEGASUS and DJINN RENOVA.

His IMPERIAL KNIGHT and his VENARI MARKSRAT attack my NERISSA TRIDAWN and leave him at 10 life, only his DRYBONE BARBARIAN was able to attack this turn.


In this round my opponent attacks my NERISSA TRIDAWN but they cannot eliminate it, and it is saved since my SWAMP SPITTER manages to regenerate its shield and it manages to resist the 8 damage of its DRYBONE BARBARIAN.

I attack his DRYBONE BARBARIAN and I can't eliminate him but I leave him at 2 life, although my WATER CALLER manages to apply his STUN ability to him so I will be able to prevent his damage the next turn.


In this round I manage to eliminate his DRYBONE BARBARIAN and his VENARI MARKSRAT and my WATER CALLER manages to apply his STUN ability to his DJINN RENOVA and leaves him at 6 life, so he will not attack the next one turn and although his VENARI MARKSRAT increased all his statistics, my monster is saved from his attacks the next turn.

My opponent only manages to eliminate my NERISSA TRIDAWN and manages to attack my WATER CALLER and leaves it at 3 life.


In this turn I attack her DJINN RENOVA with all my monsters and I manage to leave her at 1 life, but this time I manage to activate the AFFLICTION ability of my CAPTAIN'S GHOST and she manages to apply the STUN ability again to my WATER CALLER so this time her MERIPUT MAGICIAN It will not regenerate it and therefore it will not save it again like in the last turn since without that I would have eliminated its DJINN RENOVA earlier, which will not be able to attack again due to the STUN so this will lengthen the resistance of my WATER CALLER even more. When his shield is regenerated, he will not receive the damage from his only ranged attack card that he already has, and my opponent can only do 1 damage to him.

RONDA 5, 6 and 7

In round 5 I managed to eliminate his DJINN RENOVA without him attacking me, and I managed to leave his WAR PEGASUS at 1 life.

My opponent, however, failed to eliminate my WATER CALLER although it left him at 1 life ready to die on the next turn.


Here in this battle you see that you have to analyze the strategy to use since you place one or more cards in your lineup of the type of cards that have a disadvantage, such as in this case the cards with melee attack that received damage from the ability. of thorns, in this case my opponent had two monsters with that type of attack and the thorn damage was what allowed us to defeat the two cards that we managed to eliminate since that thorn damage allowed me to eliminate them.

Another key was the possibility of regenerating my SWAMP SPITTER's shield, which protected it from ranged and melee attacks from my enemies.

In addition, the STUN ability I managed to apply this ability 4 times which helped me prevent the attacks of the first line card, in addition to the AFFLICTION ability that I managed to apply 2 times helped me prevent my opponent from regenerating so this helped me. allowed the victory.

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