Tell me what to craft next ! (check the box if you didn't )

Hi, community !
The first post of mine with the Splinterlands box, got a lot of attention and it was awesome ! Glad so many people appreciated my work πŸ™ For thΠΎse who don't know me, I'm handmade artist and I create fan art from different movies and games ( and bitcoin) ,have a lot of ideas, but the best ones always comes from the community itself, so I just thought I can reach to you and ask you, what is the next item you want to see me creating, related to the game ? πŸ‘€
Maybe it's a night lamp, map, physical collectable cards, nft's or just something so crazy, that you can't find it anywhere ! Just drop a comment, and we can discuss it ! Sooner or later, the game will explode, and when this happen, soon after, you will be able to find all kind of Splinterlands fan art, but I want to create now !
Splinterlands building the future of the blockchain gaming ✊πŸ”₯πŸ”₯



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