Ocean Planet Giveaways Day 25 // 6 C24 Prizes

Hello everyone, I will be doing a Giveaway of 6 C24 tokens daily. To participate you will only need to leave a comment with your C24 wallet, if you don't have one, go to Cryptex24 and create an account. It is very simple and fast because you will only need to have an email and create a password.

Once you have your Cryptex24 account you will have to go to deposit, select the C24 token and copy your deposit wallet.

The C24 token is the Cryptex24 exchange token and you can sell it inside the exchange for USDT and buy other tokens of your choice to transfer to other wallets outside the exchange, a good option is to buy Hive or HBD on the exchange and transfer to your Hive wallet.

The C24 token also has another use which is in the OceanPlanet game where you can buy assets in the game and earn real money by playing, so you can use it as an investment. The official game account @oceanplanet has several explanations of how the game works, one of which is a basic guide to the game that you can read if you are interested. Ocean Planet: Game Guide!

To make the rules easier to understand I will put a summary of them below.

Rules to participate

  • Post a comment with your C24 wallet.
  • Comments will be accepted until this post is 23 hours old.
  • The site used to select the winning comment will be Wheelofnames.
  • The winner will be announced the next day in my next C24 Giveaway.

Good Luck To All!!

Giveaway #24 Winner is @yeckingo1

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