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Greetings, players!

“OceanPlanet” is a post-apocalyptic world full of adventures: mining, resource exchange, character upgrading and much more! To succeed in this world you need to know some details and nuances. So we have prepared a useful guide "How to survive on Ocean Planet for beginners", where we have collected all the basic things you need to know before starting your adventure.

Registration and login

Let's start with the first thing you need to do — register and enter the game. Only authorized players are allowed to enter the game, so if you don’t have a HIVE account, you will need to register one. You can do it through HIVEONBOARD.


If you already have a HIVE account, you can log in via KEYCHAIN extension, or via HIVESIGHNER.

Glory Waters

Welcome to Glory Waters!
It’s a quiet city built in shallow water. Glory Waters is one of the few places on the planet where the land is only a few meters underwater. This is a new city that is being constructed after the catastrophic global Earth pollution.


The inhabitants of the city have adapted to this life and are trying to rebuild the city step by step. All buildings on the city screen are interactive, you can visit them and talk with the NPCs who live and work there. The history and functionality of the locations can be found in future posts. Information about some of them: Temple, Armory, Hotel, Barbershop, and Junkyard is already available in the previous post.

You can talk with the people of the city to learn about their history and how they can help you in your adventures. You can read the history of some characters such as priestess Sari, scavenger Dollar, bartender Vincenzo, blacksmith Max, and hairdresser Kenneth here.

You are definitely thinking: “So what can I do here? What fun things can I do in this world? ”. Let's find out what entertainments are available in "OceanPlanet" at this moment.


Mining - is the main source of items and resources in the world of "OceanPlanet". First, you need to turn on the map (the bottom right corner of ​​the screen), or just click on the image of the Main Gate at the same corner. That’s how you can enter the open ocean. Over time you’ll have more ships that are designed for different purposes: mining, combat, fast movement, high capacity, and so on. But for now, you will only have a basic common boat.


Perfect! Now you can choose a place to go for mining — Market, Boxship, Highway or Oilwell. Market and Boxship are free to visit, but in order to get to the Highway and the Oilwell, you will need to have a special license and/or pass. You can buy a pass to the Highway from Mayor Klaus for 200 coins (you can find him in the center of the Glory Waters — at the Main Tower). A license for the Oilwell can be purchased for 500 coins from the Ghost who is relaxing under the umbrella near the Food Truck.


License and pass can also be purchased as cards or as a part of a pack of cards (it will be possible to activate them starting from the next update).


Once you have chosen a place for mining, the ship must sail some distance that takes a certain time. Of course, you can wait until the ship sails, while drinking coffee or looking at the fishes, OR you can pay some amount of shrimps to bless your ship with the power of the Holy Shrimp and instantly pass the whole distance. Also, you can wait until the ship arrives when the game window is minimized.

When you reach the area, an arrow will appear at the bottom right corner of the screen showing the direction that you need to sail to. You can control the ship with the arrows "right" - "left" on the keyboard. Press the button and the ship will move! Move to the direction of the arrow to get to the mining scene.

Mining items

Let's start mining! In the mining area, you can see the bottom of the ocean and sunken areas from pre-catastrophic times, where the treasures are hidden.


There is a remote control in the lower-left corner of the screen that allows you to start a mining operation. Press it when your ship isn’t moving. The hook will drop to the bottom of the ocean and catch items covered with dirt. The loot needs to be washed before you will see what interesting items you have caught. Don’t get sad if you mined nothing, because one place may be empty, but in another one, a rare object may be hidden! Move the ship to explore the entire area!

Each mining location hides its own treasures, and different treasures have their own special value.

Probabilities of mining loot

This table shows the probability of mining different types of items at different mining locations.

Yellow - the most common (can be found in 3 or more locations).
Blue - rarer (found in 2 locations).
Green - unique (can be found only on one specific location).


Selling the loot

You can sell items that you have mined from the ocean floor to various characters at the Glory Waters and get money for it. Potential buyers are: Farmer Jack (location - Farm), Lola (location - Garage), Spike (location - Armory) and Garry (location - Lab). Butcher (location - Food Track) will help you recognize the fish you caught (later there will be different species of fish, and some of them are not edible). Moreover, you can buy delicious shrimps from Butcher.

The next table shows the maximum number of items in the slot and which item can be sold for what price at every vendor. The best prices for each type of goods are highlighted in yellow.



Lootboxes are special boxes in which you can find various cards and useful resources. You can unpack lootboxes at the Armory with Max’s help. Or you can unpack the wooden boxes by yourself by crafting or by buying a crowbar (will be available in the next update). Equipment to open containers and military lootboxes is currently not available. You can also buy lootboxes in a lootbox store.


“OceanPlanet” has special cards that can be found in lootboxes or bought in the store. The cards will provide different extra features and bonuses that will help you in your adventures around the ocean. There are different types of cards: Characters, Equipment, Outfit, Resource, Vessel, Items, and Bonuses (bonus sets). If you don’t need the card you got, you can sell it on the Market.


You can unpack (activate) the card in the Altar (at the Player’s territory). Unpacked cards can’t be sold anymore!


In the latest update 1.4.1, we added the feature to fit out your vessel and assemble the crew. The efficiency of mining depends on the equipment installed and the crew on the board.

Dear players! The equipment, crew, and outfits do not give any effects to the game, so wait for the next update.

Disclaimer: The data in the table highlighted in red hasn’t been implemented into the game yet (will be available in the next update).

Knowing these basics of survival, you are ready to travel around the "OceanPlanet". Explore a mysterious ocean, mine objects, trade, and have fun! Follow the news in future articles and learn about new opportunities, adventures, and features that will be there for you!.

Sincerely, OP Team! 🌊💙

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