Rising Star Giveaway Announcement 69 ; Win STARBITS 2000 and Opening New CardPack

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This post is about Rising Star Giveaway Winner Announcement and Next Giveaway Rule.

Please, Comment your Rising Star username only if you want to participate in my Giveaway.

Rising StarRule
GiveawayStarbits 2000
End DateDecember 4, 2022
CommentUsername only

The Giveaway Participated persons of the previous post
are below:


These usernames were typed in https://wheelofnames.com/ Spin Chart and I spinned.

Congratulations @supriya.gupta

You are My Giveaway Winner.

I have sent 1500 Starbits to you.

Let Us play on Rising Star!!!

Today evening, I bought a new CardPack for STARBITS 10000.
I received the below three cards.

One Rare Vehicle Card R214 Ice Cream Van featured Fans 400, Luck 4 and IM 3 and

Two Common Instrument Cards i105 Budget Shakers.

How are you doing?

If you want to play Rising Star, please use my Referral link.


Tin Aung Soe

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