tigretimo's dCity Giveaway 008: Snow Background


Update: Sorry for the delay on this one! Congrats, @gentlepusa ! You've won the Snow background for Giveaway #8. I will send it your way now.

Please, please, please:

Write in the comment how many entries you have based on the criteria below.

Olá, olá!

Congrats to the winner of my 7th dCity giveaway! The prize of the Egypt background goes to @xheadhunterz! Your new background has already been sent.


For Giveaway #8, I will be giving the wintry cityscape of the Snow background. Will you cuddle up with a nice hot cocoa or hit the slopes? The choice is yours! : )


To participate, follow these guidelines for five potential entries:

  • Comment below with your ign (must comment with ign for initial entry)
  • Tag a friend (+1 entry)
  • Like the post (+1 entry)
  • Be a follower (+2 entries)
  • Please say how many entries you have in your comment based on the above criteria.
  • If you would like to be tagged in future posts, please write TAG in your comment.

I will collect the entries into a wheel of destiny and then spin that baby in order to choose the winner.

Winner will be picked on Saturday, May 7th and announced/tagged in my next giveaway post (009). Good luck!




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