SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! GOBLIN PSYCHIC - Green Splinter - Healer


On yesterday's live show I was checking out if @splinterlands had any more weekly challenges I can join and it turned out I was able to find the earth challenge for goblin psychic. This is a newer chaos legion healer for the earth splitter.

I normally don't pick this healer when I choose earth as I am normally picking the cheaper wood nymph. When it comes to the earth splinter I always like to have healer hell I like to have healing no matter the splinter I choose.

The cards I choose for this battle are actually quite similar to the ones I would normally pick for a low mana battle with earth as a choice.


Battle Choice

With the Gold level 3 hill giant pulling in the front with a tank, He is slow with 1 speed but makes it up with the 7 HP and 2 melee. This card makes a great tank as long as you have a healer to keep it alive, Of course, with thorns, it is that much better.


The second car I w choose was the khimer princess, With its 1 speed 1 magic 2 HP it is a great second place card to just fire magic attacks behind the tank. This card I place in 3rd a lot but in this match, I wanted to protect my healer a little more.


In the third spot, I choose my healer who is a goblin psychic in the battle, With it being 2 extra mana above the wood nymph I again normally don't pick it was it is only 1 extra magic attack but I see it used a lot with the new chaos summoner. IT worked out great in the 3rd spot for this battle as it was always able to heal my giant but also take 2 HP off each hit.


Pulling out the back is the 0 mana legendary fungus fiend, love throwing this in as a burner card in the front or back. This time I put it in the back to protect my healer. This played out as no cards were lost this round.


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